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Did Victoria Seriously Just Say That on The Young and the Restless?

Young and the Restless Victoria NewmanYoung and the Restless Victoria Newman

Victoria Newman never really wanted to keep Sally Spectra on as Chief Executive Officer of Newman Media on The Young and the Restless. Victoria saw Sally as a holdover from the Adam Newman era.

The Young and the Restless: Hypocrisy Reigns

And she wasn’t about to facilitate anyone whom Adam (Mark Grossman) appointed during the five minutes Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) let him run Newman Enterprises…before he yanked the rug out from under him again. Sally made a plea to keep her job, and Nichols Newman (Joshua Morrow) talked Victoria (Amelia Heine) into giving Sally (Courtney Hope) a chance.

Y&R Time’s Up

It’s been a few days, and Victoria figures Sally’s trial period is over. She hasn’t taken the company to new and unprecedented heights, so it’s time to give her the pink slip. Victoria grew even more convinced that Sally wasn’t working out when she missed a marketing meeting, and Nick confessed it was because of Adam.

That’s it, Victoria declared, this is the last straw. She cannot keep a woman on the payroll who would let her personal life affect her work…i.e. the Newman family company. That’s the worst sin anyone can commit.

Young and the Restless Remember When?

Oh, how soon they forget. Was it, what, only a few weeks ago when Victoria’s marriage to Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) — and the subsequent merger of their two companies — was putting all of Newman-Locke at risk? The truth about Ashland faking his cancer made Newman liable for…well, we’re not sure what it made them liable for. But Victor sure seemed worried.

It nearly cost them half a billion dollars, not to mention the bad press of Victoria pretending to resign, then coming back and insisting everything was fine. And what was “it?” “It” was Victoria’s personal life. Affecting her professional life. Victoria didn’t just miss a meeting. She almost lost the whole kit and caboodle! Hypocrisy much, Vick?

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