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Here’s Why Danny Will Never Love Phyllis on Y&R

And why it is all Phyllis’ fault.

phyllis and danny on the young and the restless.Phyllis is pushing hard for a relationship with Danny.

Christine and Phyllis took the gloves off in the battle for Danny’s love on The Young and the Restless. These women have been at it for over thirty years, and they aren’t about to quit now. Who cares that these are grandparents squabbling? When it comes to love, everybody is a dumb teenager. But could Danny ever truly love Phyllis?

Second Choice

Christine (Lauralee Bell) has dumped Danny (Michael Damian) before — well, he dumped her when he thought he’d impregnated the red-haired troublemaker. Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) can always cross her fingers that she’ll do it again. And if/when that happens, Danny will look around Genoa City. He’ll see his ex, Lauren (Tracey Bregman), but she’s happily married. He’ll see his ex, Traci (Beth Maitland). But she’s…uh…well, frankly, she’s too good for him now. That will only leave Phyllis. The perennial path of least resistance.

Fury Road

Of course, Danny must first get over his anger at Phyllis. Danny has so, so much to be angry with Phyllis about. It can start with how she lied about him being Daniel’s father and broke up Danny’s marriage to Christine.

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And then there are her felonies. And then there’s her latest stunt with kissing Danny and posting the video of him playing the piano for her, baiting Christine, and generally being unhinged. Once Danny gets past all that then, yeah, sure, the path of least resistance it is.

Needful Things

But even if Danny were to love Phyllis, it would still never be enough for her. The woman is a bottomless pit of need. Nobody’s love is enough for her. If Phyllis isn’t the center of attention at all times, she doesn’t feel loved. Phyllis doesn’t feel loved if her needs aren’t always prioritized. She doesn’t feel loved if another person enters the same breathing space as her man. Danny’s love won’t be enough for her, and she’ll make sure he knows it. And she’ll make sure to make him pay.

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