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Can Victor Not Be Right Even Once on The Young and the Restless?

The Young and the Restless Victor NewmanThe Young and the Restless Victor Newman

It’s amazing how Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless can manage to be right about two things that would seem utterly contradictory. Right before Victoria Newman was about to walk down the aisle with Ashland Locke, both Nicholas Newman and Billy Abbott had proof that the man was a liar and was likely plotting something nefarious against the Newman family.

The Young and the Restless: Victor is Always Right Part One

But Victor (Eric Braeden) dismissed them — Nick (Joshua Morrow) with patronizing words, Billy (Jason Thompson) with an actual frame-up — and explained that he’d vetted Ashland, and he was convinced there was nothing to worry about. The man was too smart to double-cross Victor Newman!

Y&R: The Victor Is Always Right Part Two

A scant few months later on The Young and the Restless, Victor woke up one morning, read his script, and realized that Ashland (Robert Newman) was obviously up to something. He sent Michael Baldwin (Christian Le Blanc) to investigate, and — what do you know? — Victor is right! Again!

He spoke to Nick in a patronizing tone about how foolish everyone was to believe Ashland. By everyone, he meant Victoria (Amelia Heinle)…and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)…and Nick. But not Victor. Never Victor. He was the only one smart to see through Ashland. From the beginning! You got that?

End of The Young and the Restless Road

From everything we’ve seen so far, the storyline seems to be barreling towards Victor exposing Ashland as a crook who never loved Victoria, who had Michael kidnapped, and as the hero who will rescue them both. Michael will thank him for being such a caring employer. Victoria will go running into Daddy’s arms, begging him to forgive her. Even Nick will admit he was wrong — sorry, Dad.

But, just once, can every story not end that way? Can, just once, Victor Newman be wrong? Of course, the way it’s set up, whether or not Ashland is up to no good, Victor will be able to say, “I told you so.” Well played, Mustache. Well played.

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