The Young and the Restless

Baby Come Back: Will Young and the Restless Noah Pursue Tessa?

Noah Newman and Tessa Porter on The Young and the Restless

All those wistful glances and smiles Noah Newman was sending Tessa Porter’s way on The Young and the Restless have to mean something…don’t they? Or rather, should they?

The Young and the Restless Ex-Lovers

Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) was Noah’s (Rory Gibson) girlfriend before she was his sister’s, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes). And Mariah hasn’t exactly been treating her well lately. Will Noah take advantage of the rift to make a play for his ex-love?

Bad Boy

Almost half of you, 45%, are against the possibility. It would be a terrible thing to do to Mariah! Sure, she basically stole Tessa from Noah the first time around. But it would be wrong for Noah to do the same thing. Because…uhm…reasons. Good ones. That we’re still working on.

Daytime Young and the Restless Drama

Go for it, 32% of the audience cheers. This is what we watch soaps for! The drama! The strife! The backstabbing! We’ve had plenty of triangles with two brothers going after the same girl, or two sisters going after the same guy. This is something new and fresh. And they can’t possibly do a worse job of it than whatever it is that’s going on with Allie, Chanel, and Johnny on Days of our Lives. There is nowhere to go but up!

The First Step To Failing

Noah can go ahead and try, 23% of voters shrug. It might even be fun. But he is doomed to fail. Tessa was just with Noah because he was there. And she was living on the street. And he was rich. And there.

Tessa truly fell in love with Mariah, and if they could survive Tessa stealing Mariah’s lyrics, Tessa blackmailing Mariah’s mother (yeah, Tessa is no angel), and Mariah’s surrogacy and kidnapping, they can survive some guy who thinks he still has a chance with a girl who was never all that into him, anyway.

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