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Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday: Y&R’s Conner Floyd Leverages His Past For Fitness

Conner Floyd The Young and the RestlessConner Floyd The Young and the Restless

Chance Chancellor is struggling on The Young and the Restless between following the law and putting his family first. Thankfully his portrayer, Conner Floyd, isn’t dealing with the same type of family drama. He’s able to spend some of his time devoted to maintaining his health and fitness, keeping himself daytime leading man ready.

Conner Floyd Stayed Fit While Transitioning From Athlete To Actor

In college, Floyd played college football with the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, so he’d spent a good amount of time training as part of the team. Soap Hub asked him how making that transition from being part of a high-performance team was and how he was able to keep in shape.

“That [transition] was tough because fitness and working out is part of my life now, and it feels weird when I don’t work out,” Floyd said. “I really enjoy staying active and keeping my body fresh. I was kind of winging it for the longest time. Just kind of doing my own thing. I’d go on Google and type in ‘What did Chris Evans do for ‘Captain America?” and do some made-up workout.

“But then I joined one of my college teammates, Redford Jones. He owns this company called Jones Performance, and he’s basically like a coach and personal trainer. He has this whole workout that he’s created, and it kicks a**. [Jones] played football with me. He’s a surfer born in Carlsbad and rips it up down here. He was a punter in college. He’s one of the fastest guys I’ve ever seen, and one of the most athletic kicker/punters I’ve ever seen. He’s very fit, and he knows what he’s doing, and he did sports medicine in college.

“So, he’s got me on this while regimen now, and it’s awesome. My body feels better, and it’s [the program] all listed out. He tells me what to do. If I’m slacking, he’ll call me,” Conner Floyd admitted.

The football player-turned-daytime leading man revealed that his trainer helped him add preparation, warming, and stretching up to his fitness routine, which helps him get his body ready to work out. Floyd said he’d never done those parts of workouts, but since he’s getting older, it really helps him stay healthy. Now he does the regimen five days a week, and then he remains active on the weekends through hiking or pickup sports.

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The 80/20 Rule Is Key For Nutrition

As for the food aspect, Conner Floyd admitted, “I’m a foodie. I’ve got a mean sweet tooth thanks to my dad, and I enjoy good food.” He especially enjoys the variety of food options available in Los Angeles. Despite all the temptation, the handsome actor said he follows the 80/20 rule, which means 80% of his choices are healthy and focused as possible, while 20% might be treats and other food he enjoys in moderation.

Of course, sometimes Chance has his shirt off, and Floyd said, “Luckily, they give me like a month’s notice” when those types of scenes are coming up. That way, he can make sure to avoid the sweet treats a bit more.

If you’re starting out on a new fitness or wellness routine, Conner Floyd noted that patience is key, along with making the commitment to making whatever change you hope to create. Soap Hub recommends discussing with your physician or another health professional before embarking on any new wellness or fitness plans.

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