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Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday: B&B Alum Ashlyn Pearce Stays Fit And Grounded

The former B&B younger leading actress shares her fitness ideas.

Ashlyn Pearce The Bold and the Beautiful

Aly Forrester met a tragic end on The Bold and the Beautiful, but the good news is that her portrayer, Ashlyn Pearce, is doing just great. The actress sat down with Soap Hub to chat about fitness and health for this week’s installment of Wellness Wednesday.

Ashlyn Pearce Stays Fit And Grounded

Soap Hub: How do you schedule wellness and fitness into your life?

Ashlyn Pearce: I’ve actually gotten more into fitness the past couple of months. I try to go on three-mile walks every day. It’s important to have moments with nature that are quiet — especially when you live in big cities. I try to get in 10,000 steps a day. Three times a week, I do light weights and strength training, and I take protein powder. Before the pandemic, I’d go to a studio every single day. I love it. Now, I do grounding yoga at home. I turn off my phone — all my devices and check out from social media, and I try to find some yoga practices that are all about grounding and having quiet moments. They also help get me into shape.

Soap Hub: There are some nice photos of you on Instagram with horses. What’s your connection to horses?

Ashlyn Pearce: I absolutely love horses. I have since I was very little. For a while, I was a barn manager’s assistant at a horse sanctuary that rehabilitates horses that have dealt with trauma. I know this wonderful woman who uses horses to help with therapy. The last few years, I’ve gotten more involved in the equine world, which I love dearly.

Soap Hub: Do you do anything special with diet and/or nutrition?

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Ashlyn Pearce: I think nutrition is incredibly important. I’m a vegetarian. I have been for quite a few years. For moral and health reasons, but since I’ve been on this new workout routine, I’ve been trying to incorporate more protein; if you want to gain lean muscle, even if you don’t want to bulk up, I very much believe that there are foods for the body and foods for the soul. I definitely believe that you should have those cheat days. One thing every day that’s little — like a square of chocolate.

Balance it out because if you are [too strict], it’s going to be really difficult to stay motivated. I like to incorporate a little chocolate or a little something. It’s a marathon, not a sprint; it’s going to be a while before you see significant results. I’m really struggling through this fall season. I’m a pumpkin person! I like a cold brew from Starbucks. I’m trying to do all things in moderation, but it’s challenging.

Soap Hub: Do you have any advice for people who are starting out on a new wellness plan?

Ashlyn Pearce: Maybe look at portion sizes. Nuts are great for you but look at the package. Look at serving sizes and start from there. That was something I discovered for myself — look at the label.

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