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Soap Hub Travel Tuesday: Colton Little All the World’s a Stage

Days of our Lives star Colton Little travels Beyond Salem.

colton little loves to visit london and attend the theater.Days of our Lives star Colton Little would love to someday visit the South Pacific.

Ironically, Colton Little, who plays Andrew Donovan, made his Days of our Lives debut on the limited series Beyond Salem, which takes place at several locales throughout the world before migrating to the mother ship. The actor chatted with Soap Hub about his love of travel for this week’s installment of Travel Tuesday.

Colton Little: Traveling Man

The actor has a favorite destination — London. “I’ve enjoyed going there,” he says. “That’s my favorite city, for sure. My best friend is there, so that makes it an easy pick for me. The food in London is incredible. I love Indian food and curries. They have some of the best curries.”

Little says he’s fond of getting “lost” in and wandering around big cities, and he’s experienced doing just that in London. “I think that can be a great way to have a day,” he says. “I’ll choose an area and wander around in and out of restaurants and shops with no agenda. I feel that’s the best way to travel. East London, Shoreditch, and Hackney are some of my favorites.”

All the World Is a Stage

He also revealed one of London’s greatest draws for him. “I love theater, and I love to experience it in all its different forms,” he says. “I have wandered into some amazing shows, including one called The Grinning Man. It was a smaller production. I wandered into the theater and brought a ticket after I saw the marquee, which I thought was interesting. That only happened because I took a chance.”

Colton Little: Dream Vacation

On the other side of the world, Little says he’d like to someday visit the South Pacific region. “I’d love to explore the Pacific Islands — Samoa, Tonga, Fiji,” he says. “The culture and the history there appeal to me. There’s so much history with the indigenous people of the different islands throughout the South Pacific — how they got there, how many of them have been operating the same way for hundreds if not thousands of years, and how their society is run.

“There’s so much to learn from people who have been living well and [are] successfully removed from popular Western culture,” suggests Little. “Those are secrets and mysteries I’d love to become educated on; those areas are beautiful, too, of course. I love the ocean. The South Pacific has a magical draw for me.”

Less Is More

Overpacking is an easy trap to fall into when traveling. To avoid that, Little suggests, “Pack outfits that you can layer. Bring two pairs of shoes — one that’s comfortable and another that’s really nice. You can always buy toiletries wherever you go, so you don’t necessarily need to waste space by packing those.”

On-screen, Little’s Andrew reunited with Paul (Christopher Sean), but he says traveling in real life as a solo act isn’t so bad. In fact, Little says it’s a great way to meet new people. “You’re forced to communicate with people at a bar, restaurant, or theater,” he points out. “I think that’s the easiest way organically to meet people.”

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