In the Beginning: The Days of our Lives Problem With Paul and Andrew Donovan

Who wants to be told and not show a Salem relationship?

days of our lives sped through paul and andrew donovan's romanceWhy did we miss so much of their DAYS romance?

Paul Narita and Andrew Donovan are both Days of our Lives legacy characters. Andrew was actually born on the air — at one point, Victor was suspected of being his father. And Paul is the son of fan-favorite John, though his backstory is a bit iffy. In any case, these are two characters viewers are already committed to rooting for. The actors are attractive and have definite chemistry. So how can we have a problem with them? Here is our problem with them.

Days of our Lives: Fast Forward

In the space of one episode, Paul (Christopher Sean) and Andrew (Colton Little) reunited, discussed their past relationship and their uneventful breakup — and jumped into bed together. OK, that escalated quickly. Perhaps if you’d watched the second installment of Beyond Salem, where the pair first met, you wouldn’t feel quite so whiplashed. Though their relationship didn’t get all that much play there, either.

Slow Down, Andrew Donovan and Paul Narita

And that’s the problem. One of the most wonderful things about soaps is that we get to watch a relationship develop from the first day, through all the first moments, through the happily ever after. And the happily ever after, after that. We got none of that with Andrew and Paul. We just jumped right into the middle. And even the middle lasted between two commercial breaks.

DOOL: Build Up For Paul and Andrew Donovan

We watch soaps for romance. We want couples we can root for. We want to know that they’re in love before they know that they’re in love, and to yearn for them to figure it out. Why would DAYS deprive us of that with Paul and Andrew?

Days of our Lives Writing Style

Soaps, unlike movies and even prime time, have the luxury to really show and not tell everything. We don’t want to hear Paul and Andrew talk about how they met and fell in love, we want to see it. And we want to be a part of it.

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