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Soap Hub Travel Tuesday: GH’s Cassandra James Grand Adventure

General Hospital actress Cassandra James loved seeing the Grand Canyon.

general hospital star cassandra james collage of her traveling, including the grand canyonCassandra James shares her grand adventures.

Cassandra James has seen her role as Dr. Terry Randolph grow more intense as she’s gotten more involved in General Hospital’s medical-based dramas. How does she spend her time away from Port Charles? By getting out into nature and doing some traveling! The actress chatted with Soap Hub for this week’s Travel Tuesday.

Cassandra James Travels for Business & Pleasure

“I’ve actually been privileged and blessed to do a little bit of traveling,” James recently told Soap Hub. The performer went to Toronto, which she describes as one of her hometowns in order to work on the HBO Max series Sort Of.

“It’s about a non-binary, Pakistani, queer, immigrant, twentysomething [played by Sabi Mehboob] who is finding their way in the world,” James says. “I play a recurring character [named Olympia] on that.”

The Grand Outdoors

James makes time for pleasure trips, too. “I love traveling through the states, which I did during COVID,” she shares. “That was a wonderful, beautiful experience.” Approximately 6 million folks visit the Grand Canyon a year, and James counts herself as one of them. The popular destination is around 500 miles from Los Angeles.

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“I saw so much of nature,” James recalls. “I love seeing so many parts of Arizona. Driving into Santa Fe [New Mexico] as the sun was setting and seeing all the color was amazing.”

Cassandra James — Simply Breathtaking

Did James make sure to see the Grand Canyon during her travels? “Of course, I saw that,” she says with a smile. “I truly wept at the vast expanse. It is breathtaking. It truly takes your breath away.”

Checking in with nature and the great outdoors is something very natural, James affirms. “Don’t forget, we belong in nature. We’ve built so much amazing civilization around us. Being in nature is coming home. It’s where we belong. This world, this life, is a miracle!”

If you’re going to take a road trip, Cassandra James has a few suggestions. First, don’t underestimate the tasty snacks that can be found at gas stations throughout the country. “I love a good ‘snack and grab’ as we go along,” she shares. Also, don’t forget to pack a pillow for some power naps. “You never know when you’re going to need one,” she says. ‘[A pillow] is great to have.”

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