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Soap Hub Travel Tuesday: B&B’s Kimberlin Brown Travels the USA

As the world is starting to slowly and cautiously open up again, Soap Hub started a new series where soap stars share their passion for…

Travel Tuesday Kimberlin Brown The Bold and the BeautifulTravel Tuesday Kimberlin Brown The Bold and the Beautiful

As the world is starting to slowly and cautiously open up again, Soap Hub started a new series where soap stars share their passion for travel, with helpful hints, thrifty recommendations, and spectacular memories of their time away. We continue this feature with The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown, who plays Sheila Carter.

Kimberlin Brown Travels Near and Far, Home and Abroad

Soap Hub: Do you have a dream destination?
Kimberlin Brown:
I’ve been so blessed to be able to travel all over the world. There are phenomenal destinations. I’d love to go to the island of Kiel in the Azores. I’ve heard it’s spectacular. I’d also love to go to Iceland. I’ve heard it’s one of the most beautiful countries you can go to. I’d love to go back to Italy and actually, I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand. I have made a promise to myself that I am going to start traveling more.

Soap Hub: You recently posted a trip you took on Instagram?
Kimberlin Brown:
Yes. I just did a cross-country trip by myself and visited some National Parks along the way. It was such an enlightening trip where I got in touch with myself, and I got back home feeling re-energized and positive. A lot of people talk about traveling abroad, but there are places in the states that rival anywhere [in the world]. If you can’t afford to go abroad, I suggest people explore the United States.

Soap Hub: You brought a boat back by yourself?
Kimberlin Brown:
Yes. I bought a fishing boat for freshwater. A friend of mine was selling it. I am going to take it to some lakes this summer here in California and maybe Nevada, Utah, and Arizona as well.

Soap Hub: What are the pluses to traveling alone?
Kimberlin Brown:
You can set your own schedule. You can stop and see and do whatever you want to do along the way. That’s exactly what I did. I met so many interesting people along the way. It’s fun learning about new places and meeting people that live in those new places. It was just wonderful. When you travel by yourself, you’re the only person in charge of the remote at night when you get to the hotel!

Soap Hub: What did you see along the way?
Kimberlin Brown:
I went to the Badlands in South Dakota. I went to Teddy Roosevelt Park in North Dakota. I went through Yellowstone in Montana. I didn’t go through any National Parks in Wyoming, but I explored lakes and rivers along the way. It was amazing. There are a lot of places I’m going to go back to.

Soap Hub: When you stop to eat, do you try to check out the local flavor or go to a big chain if it’s the first place you see?
Kimberlin Brown:
I always look for a nice local restaurant. I tend to sit and eat at the bar when I travel alone. I’ll visit with the bartender and ask about the local area. I learn about the local region and things to do and see. I make notes all along on my trip. If you’re not doing a road trip, you can do a destination trip so you can see [specific] things [of interest] the second time around.

Soap Hub: Do you have any travel tips? Do you bring your own snacks? Do you travel light or do you over-pack?
Kimberlin Brown:
I always make sure to have healthy snacks with me. When you’re out on the road, eating fast food is not an option for me. I pack my healthy snacks and bring enough water and sparkling water in the car. I always overpack when I’m traveling by car because I never know what kind of situation I’m going to get into where I go. I may be taking a road trip in sweat pants and a T-shirt, but if I pass a beautiful dinner theater, I’ll go to that and will want to have something nice to wear. When I’m driving, I pack for the unexpected. When I fly, I usually know what I’ll be doing, so I tend to pack less.

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