World-Renowned Psychiatrist Taylor Hayes Resolves To Heal Her Family

The B&B recap for Tuesday, February 21, 2023: She should be addressing her own issues, but instead she’s interfering with her kids.

the bold and the beautiful recap for tuesday, february 21, 2023 taylor hayes mediates between thomas and steffyTaylor Hayes mediates between Thomas and Steffy

On today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Taylor Hayes took it upon herself to get Steffy and Thomas on the same page. Easier said than done.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Hope (Annika Noelle), Liam, and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) bemoaned their new normal. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened. Gosh, who knew that Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) was so important to their lives?

Taylor Hayes Has It Under Control…She Thinks

There’s a new addition to the cliff house, and adjustments must be made. Despite himself, Finn (Tanner Novlan) attempts to go with the flow. Meanwhile, all Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) can bring herself to do is pace the living room and worry about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). What might her crazy brother do next?

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Wasn’t it enough that he came barreling into her family’s home demanding to see the son that chose not to live with him, and shooting his mouth off about dropping by whenever it pleased him? Did he really have to…to…threaten her and Finn? All Steffy is trying to do, all she will ever try to do, is do right by Douglas. Why can’t Thomas see that? Good question, seconded Finn.

Enter an unassuming, out-of-the-loop Taylor (Krista Allen). Why the long faces, mama bear wondered. Sit down, Mom, huffed Steffy, they’ve got to talk.

After being filled in about the events of the night before, Taylor was incredulous. What is her son thinking? Of course, Steffy and Finn aren’t actively working to keep him from seeing Douglas. That’s ridiculous. She knows that, Finn and Steffy know that, and it’s about time that Thomas knew it too.

But what exactly did Taylor have in mind, a worried Steffy wondered. Why, she intends to summon Thomas over — on the double! — and clear this whole mess up.

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When the call came, Thomas wasn’t even the least bit thrilled. He’d much rather have stayed in the chair opposite Paris (Diamond White), soaking in her praise, and assurance that he was a good man, an even better father, and the victim in the situation. But head to the cliff house, Thomas did. He’s nothing if not a dutiful son.

Once the whole gang was together, Taylor did her best to mediate, but Thomas made it clear that he didn’t intend to forgive and forget. His sister is just the worst. A big ole hypocrite who has everything and wants him to have nothing, not even access to his own son. That’s how Thomas sees it. Taylor disagreed. So does Steffy and Finn, but that didn’t seem to matter much.

B&B Recap: Perfect Douglas Forrester Is So Missed

Much like her newfound bestie, Brooke was incredulous. Douglas, with Steffy and Finn? It just doesn’t seem right. He belongs in the cabin with Hope, Liam (Scott Clifton), and Beth. Hope, Liam, and Beth agree.

Still, Douglas voiced his preference — which boiled down to not wanting to have to choose between Hope and Thomas — and that must be honored. Thus, he’s at the cliff house, and the cabin crew is all the worst for it.

Gosh, Douglas is so amazing. He’s a walking, talking fact machine. He’s so wonderfully kind to his friends and family. He’s just the best. Everybody misses him so. Oh, how they miss him. Luckily, they’re all under the distinct impression that his absence is fleeting. Soon he’ll realize how much he misses living under Mommy’s roof, and he’ll be back. That’s the hope, anyway.

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