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Who The Heck Is Sheila? A Cheat Sheet for New The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) Fans

The Bold and the Beautiful Kimberlin Brown as Sheila CarterThe Bold and the Beautiful

On Friday’s The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), as Quinn broke into Katie’s house to stalk the woman she thought was Katie, a stranger – to Quinn – turned around and announced, “I’m Sheila.”

As if everyone should know exactly who she is.

Just in case you – like Quinn – don’t, here’s a primer.

Young, Restless… and Nuts
Sheila Carter, as played by Kimberlin Brown, first arrived in Genoa City – yes, that’s right, Genoa City, as in home of The Young and the Restless – in 1990.

She drugged Lauren’s (Tracey Bregman) husband, Scott, and manipulated him into bed. When Sheila announced her pregnancy, Scott divorced Lauren and married Sheila. When Sheila lost her baby, she stole Lauren’s and passed him off as her own. (Read much, much more, here.)

No One Walks in LA
By the time she made it to Los Angeles in 1992, Sheila had kidnapped Lauren, as well as her own stroke-ridden mother, and left them both to die in a fire.

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In LA, Sheila paralyzed toddler Rick’s nanny so Sheila could take over the job, made it seem like Ridge (then-Ronn Moss) was the father of Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) daughter so that Eric (John McCook) would be free to marry Sheila, and blackmailed Lauren into keeping her mouth shut about Sheila’s past.

Sheila then married Eric. Since his family all wore black in protest, Quinn (Rena Sofer) should take heart.

Shrink Wrap
Sheila first kidnapped her shrink, James (Ian Buchanan), and kept him a dungeon, then fell in love with him. Betrayed when James tried to escape their perverse love nest, Sheila took poison, was revived, and sent to a hospital for the criminally insane.

She was paroled after saving Stephanie’s life, then drugged the Forrester matriarch until she lost her mind.

Sheila gave birth to James’ daughter, Mary, and volunteered to get out of their lives. She…continue reading on the next page —>

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