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Fans Want Sheila To Do WHAT to Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful?!?

Sheila and Steffy on The Bold and the BeautifulSheila and Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful

On the Bold and the Beautiful (BB), Sheila’s past female nemeses have included Stephanie, Brooke, Taylor, Macy, Lauren (a hold over from The Young and the Restless), Amber, Sugar (the convict, not the sweetener) and Maggie (two separate characters with the same name). Looks like we should be adding Steffy to that list.

To start with, Steffy shot Sheila. Yeah, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) isn’t going to like that.

But, more importantly, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is standing in the way of Sheila and what she wants.

Sheila never, ever likes that. So what do you think Sheila will do to get Steffy out of the picture?

Here are over 2000 viewers’ worth of suggestions….

My Past Best Work
Here are some fun things Sheila has done to people who’ve gotten in her way before:

* Kidnapped Lauren
* Spiked alcoholic Macy’s drink
* Attacked Mike via trained Doberman
* Slipped Stephanie mercury pills
* Shot Brooke
* Shot Taylor
* Shot Maggie the cop
* Killed a man via bees

So is it any surprise that 69% of you expect Sheila to harm Steffy in some way?

Will she poison her lingerie? Booby-trap her Twitter account? Tamper with her motorcycle?

Or will Sheila simply sic Quinn (Rena Sofer) on Steffy and let them fight it out to the death, while Sheila sits back… and picks up the pieces with Eric (John McCook).

The Unsinkable Steffy Forrester
When Steffy was an adorable toddler, she was believed eaten by a shark. She was not.

She was simply kidnapped by a woman obsessed with Ridge who, ironically enough, recently made an appearance on Shark Tank.

If Steffy can survive a shark attack, she can definitely survive anything Sheila might throw at her, opine 31% of you.

Besides, this is a kindler, gentler Sheila. She’s smart enough to understand that the way to Eric’s heart is through his family. She’s better off befriending Steffy.

And using her for all she’s worth.

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