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The Unsinkable Sally Spectra! How B&B’s Character Can Survive Again!

The Bold and the Beautiful SallyThe Bold and the Beautiful Sally

Sally Spectra has seen her share of troubles lately on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB). First, her boyfriend Thomas split to go and spend time in New York with the “dying” mother of his son. Then, her family’s business caught fire and was destroyed!

But if Sally, played by Courtney Hope, is anything like her grandmother’s sister — the original Sally Spectra, played by Darlene Conley — she’s not done at all!

Soap Hub will take you on a look back at three times when original recipe Sally faced insurmountable odds and came back fighting!

Shutting Down Spectra
Hard times had fallen on Spectra Fashions back in the mid-90s. Sally was taking a final walk-through of the building with Macy (Bobbie Eakes) and Darla when the unexpected occurred.

Sally heard the voice of her ex-husband Clarke Garrison, a designer, who’d returned to town ready to help save the company from ruin. He brought trouble with him (naturally), but Spectra was back in the game thanks to Clarke, as well as Sally’s willingness to give him a chance!

Macy’s Final Sale 
Sally lost her beloved Macy not once but twice. The first time she “died” was when a truck carrying fuel exploded, but Macy escaped harm at the last minute. Years later, she revealed that she was alive when Sally was in Europe. Sadly, their reunion was short-lived.

Some bad guys dropped a chandelier on her when Macy was singing in a club. Sally pulled the plug on her comatose daughter, losing her for a second time, and stoically continued on in life. (Note: Keep in mind, Macy’s second “death” occurred off camera!”)

Finding Forrester
Sally had lost Saul (Michael Fox) and Macy, but she still had her company. Until that is, Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon), whom she wanted to design for her, lost a contest, forcing Sally to close Spectra’s doors forever.

She thought her life in the fashion world was all over, but then Thorne reached out to his former mother-in-law and gave her a job at Forrester Creations. After years of sneaking into the House of Forrester in disguise, Sally was able to walk in with her head held high!

So, while Sally today also is facing insurmountable odds, we’re betting she’ll take after her namesake and come back fighting!

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