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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Through The Years With Your Faves

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap July 11 2020The Bold and the Beautiful Recap July 11 2020

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 6-10, 2020 features another special week dedicated to episodes chosen by viewers.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Last week, it was all about fan-favorite episodes with the theme “Love Conquers All.” This week, the fans were in the driver’s seat yet again and the theme was “Favorite Showdowns.”

Forrester Creations Emerges Victorious

Anything Stephanie (Susan Flannery) can do Sally (Darlene Conley) can do better. Sally can do anything better than Stephanie…or at least that’s what the flame-haired knock off artist believes.

When the theory was put to the test – thanks to the so-called “Portofino Challenge” – it was Sally who wound up with egg all over her face. And this was in spite of the fact that she had Ridge (then-Ronn Moss), Forrester Creations star designer, on her team.

If there was any consolation in Sally’s defeat, it was the fact that Stephanie herself was just as flummoxed to see Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) sailing into the harbor while modeling the company’s show-stopping piece.

Momma, Don’t Preach

If Brooke has one flaw, it’s the fact that she isn’t a very good mother. Especially where her daughter, Bridget (Jennifer Finnigan), is concerned. While most parents would merely congratulate their child on her marriage, Brooke decided to sleep with her newly-minted son-in-law and bear him a child!

Now, of course, Bridget eventually chose to forgive Brooke her regrettable faux pas but it was only after she read her the riot act, (which resulted in the heavily-pregnant woman going into premature labor) and delivered her half-sister/step-daughter, Hope.

Wedding Day Disaster

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), to put it mildly, was obsessed with Hope (Annika Noelle). And he went the extra mile to try and force a romantic connection between – and net little Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) a brand new mommy in the process.

Thomas feared he would have to marry poor pitiful Zoe (Kira Barnes) but who should show up at his wedding – dressed in a wedding gown no less – but the true object of his desire. Rather than marry him, Hope had come to expose the true depths of his treachery.

Thomas got a slap – courtesy of his intended – a sharp rebuke from Douglas (he would rather live with Hope, Liam and baby Beth. THAT’s where he feels safe) and there was a public airing of all his dirty tricks. It was a bad day for Thomas, but for the soap’s fans, it was a red-letter day. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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