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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Oversteps and Taylor’s Temper Explodes!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Nov 30The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Nov 30

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, November 29 concluded there’s nothing quite like a woman scorned to stir things up, and Taylor is just about as scorned as they get. Her rampage continued another day as she ripped through the L.A. crowd.

A Criminal Cover Up
Hope (Annika Noelle) was flabbergasted by the news of Taylor’s crime. It’s a lot for anyone to wrap their head around, especially minutes after bring cornered and verbally attacked. The shooting, the cover-up, and Taylor being so unhinged worried the mother-to-be. Not just for her family, but for her personal safety too.

Brooke Went Too Far
Unfortunately, Taylor isn’t the only meddling mama they have to worry about. Hurricane Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) was on a mission of her own. She overstepped and went after Steffy demanding she back off once the new baby arrives.

According to Brooke, the new baby will need all of Liam’s attention and Steffy must accept the fact she and Kelly will essentially be second best.

Of course, Steffy didn’t put up with that kind of talk for very long. She, Liam, and Hope have committed to putting the girls first, no matter what it takes. They aren’t going to let history repeat itself, or allow Brooke (or any of their parents) to get in their way. It’s time for Brooke to back off once and for all.

Fire and Fury
Brooke just about blew a gasket but luckily, backup for Steffy was right around the corner. Taylor heard all she could take and ripped into Brooke with a gusto like never before. She’s had enough of Brooke’s entitled attitude and warned her to stay away, or else!

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Steffy tried to mitigate the situation and thought she had everything under control. She even thought things calmed down enough to leave the ladies on their own. She went back to her office where she and Liam had a not-so-delightful chat about Taylor’s recent tantrum.

Hope To the Rescue
Back in the showroom, Brooke and Taylor continued to have it out, with the words getting louder and more volatile by the second. This time, it was Brooke’s turn to have backup when Hope came across the fight.

She stepped right in and put herself in the middle and put Taylor in her place. Her mother is no angel, but Taylor isn’t either and her sins are more vicious than anyone’s!

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