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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bridget Ripped Brooke Apart

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap July 8 2020The Bold and the Beautiful Recap July 8 2020

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, July 8, 2020, features the bombshell conclusion to Brooke’s 2003 baby scandal. Bridget knew all and she confronted her mother about every single lie.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Whip (Rick Hearst) and Deacon (Sean Kanan) almost had a blowout over the Logan ladies. Whip was ready to rumble but Deacon surprised him by giving up. They almost destroyed Bridget the day of the shower and Deacon was determined not to make the same mistake again. He planned on whisking his wife out of town and away from the drama.

The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Showdown

It was too little, too late, though. Bridget (Jennifer Flannigan) knew all and was at the cabin confronting her mother. She demanded to know when and how the affair started, how many times her mom slept with her husband, why they played her for a fool, and if Brooke was in love with Deacon.

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Bridget got her answers and none of them were pretty. The tryst began in Paris, lasted far too long, and yes, she was very much in love with Deacon. Brooke then tried to tell Bridget she loved her too but she wasn’t having it. Brooke threw her away over and over her whole life and she wasn’t about to forgive her mother for the hundredth time.

Brooke pleaded and cried begging Bridget to give her one more chance. She even reached out for her daughter and grabbed her by the arm trying to force her to stay. That didn’t work, though. In fact, things got worse from there.

Bad Timing, Baby

Stephanie (Susan Flannery) was outside, saw the struggle, and leaped to Bridget’s side. The younger Logan ran out while Stephanie stopped Brooke from running after her. Well, it seems the stress was too much for Brooke and she went into labor. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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