The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap (BB): The Fire Raged On

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap (BB)

The Bold and the Beautiful recap (BB) for Monday, August 28 focuses on bitter rivalries that will surely destroy entire families.

Sheila’s Not Giving Up
Quinn (Rena Sofer) reached her breaking point with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) living in her home. There’s no way she and Eric (John McCook) can get back into the swing of things while his ex-wife is taking up space under their roof.

Unfortunately, getting Sheila out isn’t an option just yet. The madwoman has James wrapped around her little finger and his lies about her condition ensure she stays right where she is.

Oh, It’s ON Now!
However, things reached a whole new boiling point later, when Quinn spied Sheila up and about. Caught red handed, Sheila responded with a viciousness like never before. Things got physical fast with Quinn on the losing end of this battle.

Too Late To Turn Back Now
Meanwhile, Bill (Don Diamont) proved he’s not someone to mess with and gave his final orders to take down Sally. It was a sneak attack no one could ever see coming and no one will ever forget.

Burned To The Ground
An unsuspecting Sally (Courtney Hope) put the breaks on her team and took them out for dinner.

They’d been working their fingers to the bone and deserve at least a few hours of downtime before they settle into the office for yet another all-nighter. Poor Sally had no idea this would be the biggest mistake of her life.

While they were out the fire began. By the time they returned, flames had engulfed the entire office and charred their pieces beyond recognition. It’s a terrifying and tragic sight that’ll be burned into Sally’s brain for the rest of her life.

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