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The Bold and the Beautiful News: Lawrence Saint-Victor Reveals His Soap Opera Past

The Bold and the Beautiful Lawrence Saint Victor

When an actor lands a role on a soap opera, they often take a crash course on the show’s history, brushing up as quickly as possible on the big stories from years past. It helps to ensure that they start by being as informed as they can. Lawrence Saint-Victor – who plays Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful – didn’t have to do that, though… and he recently revealed why.

Lawrence Saint-Victor: Growing Up With Soaps

In an interview with BBC’s In the Studio, Saint-Victor shared the fact that he is a longtime viewer of not only BB but also its sister soap, The Young and the Restless. “My aunt, she watched [both] YR and BB religiously,” the actor said. “She had the whole week recorded on tape. She’d come home from work on a Friday, that’s usually when my sister and I were over at her house, our grandmother’s house.”

Saint-Victor’s aunt looked forward to the weekend when she could settle in and binge-watch episodes of the two CBS serials. “She’s like, ‘I don’t care what you’re watching. Turn off the cartoons. I’m throwing [this tape] in. My sister and I had nowhere to go, so we’d sit in the living room and watch Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) go at it!”

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While Lawrence Saint-Victor first landed on Guiding Light as Remy in 2006 – remaining with the show until its finale in 2008 – he was clearly destined to put his knowledge of The Bold and the Beautiful to good use!

“When I first met with Brad, [BB’s executive producer and head writer], I was like, ‘Dude, I know your show!'” Lawrence Saint-Lawrence shares. “I’ve been watching for a while. It made up a part of my childhood!”

Recently, Carter was drawn into the story with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), and Shauna (Denise Richards) when the legal eagle reminded Ridge that he had texted him, saying he should file his and Brooke’s divorce papers! Can Carter help Ridge get out this jam on a legal level? Stay tuned to find out! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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