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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Ridge Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful RidgeThe Bold and the Beautiful Ridge

Ridge Forrester – the ultimate waffler. First, he debated the merits of a future with either Caroline Spencer or Brooke Logan. Then he was unsure whether or not he preferred Taylor Hayes to Brooke. Thirty years on and nothing much has changed.

Who Is Ridge Forrester?

Ridge is the only child of Stephanie Douglas and Massimo Marone – a fact that he remained unaware of for decades, owing to Stephanie’s decision to pass him off as the product of her love affair with Eric Forrester.

Ridge, a talented designer, was reared with one future prospect: to take over the reins of the family company, Forrester Creations. In his spare time, he courted a bevy of Hollywood starlets and other women deemed beneath him by Stephanie – including Morgan DeWitt, whom she bullied into having an abortion and leaving town – before falling in love with publishing heiress Caroline Spencer.

However, an assignation on Ridge’s part – mere days before his scheduled wedding – led to a change in partner. Caroline married younger Forrester scion Thorne and Ridge pursued caterer and chemistry major, Brooke Logan.


That decision set Ridge’s life on a tumultuous path from which he would never escape. Having decided that “Logan” was his destiny, Ridge battled his father, Eric, as well as his brother and a plethora of other gentlemen who all set their sights on the unattainable blonde.

Among his greatest rivals were half brother Nick Marone — and “Dollar” Bill Spencer. Of the two, Bill proved to be the most continuous foe – he even abandoned his wife, Katie, on the off-chance that Brooke would accept his proposal.

Though he and Brooke would take eight walks down the marriage aisle, Ridge also maintained a special place in his heart for his second-most wed spouse – Taylor Hayes.

The two had met when she cared for a dying Caroline. When he feared he had lost Brooke forever, he asked Taylor to marry him. In between her two presumed deaths – the first in a plane crash and the other following a gunshot – Taylor and Ridge welcomed three children (Thomas and twins Stephanie and Phoebe) into their family.

Object of Obsession
In the early 2000s, Ridge found himself at the center of a scheme orchestrated by his old flame, Morgan DeWitt, who was desperate to “replace” the pregnancy she had terminated decades earlier.

Despite achieving her goal of getting pregnant, Morgan lost the child during an argument with Taylor. The result of her ensuing breakdown was the kidnapping of little Steffy. Luckily, the girl was eventually returned unharmed – her death by shark attack having been greatly exaggerated.

Other Perils
Among the many medical crises and legal conundrums that bedeviled Ridge throughout the years was the bullet-to-the-head shot he received courtesy of a drunken Thorne, a period of blindness following an explosion in a laboratory, and his confessing to the wounding of Grant Chambers – an act committed to save the true culprit, his younger brother Rick.

The Future Is Bleak
Though try as he might to get Brooke out of his system – and try he most certainly did; just ask Bridget, Caroline the younger, and Quinn – Ridge still finds himself drawn back time and time again.

However, her inability to forgive Thomas for the role he played in the baby Beth caper and Ridge’s own budding interest in Shauna Fulton, are obstacles that the pair might not be able to overcome. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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