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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Massimo Marone

The Bold and the Beautiful Massimo MaroneThe Bold and the Beautiful Massimo Marone

Throughout soap opera history, there have been many powerful women (to stay the least!), so soaps have been charged with finding equally strong men who can stand up to these ladies. Massimo Marone (played by fan-favorite Joseph Mascolo) on The Bold and the Beautiful was created to be worthy of Forrester matriarch Stephanie, one of the strongest women in daytime.

Who Is Massimo Marone?

In The Bold and the Beautiful’s backstory, Massimo and Stephanie first met in college at the prestigious Northwestern University. Steph and Mass had a fling, but she only had eyes for Eric Forrester. After Steph told Eric that she was pregnant, believing he was the father, Eric dumped Beth and married Stephanie. Mass became a distant memory for decades. If she ever thought about him, she never mentioned his name.

It’s A Boy!
Massimo, having established a financial empire in the shipping world, reconnected with Stephanie, who actually had stayed in touch with her ex, off-camera. Wanting to help Stephanie, Massimo approached Stephen Logan with a plan.

He paid the Logan patriarch to lie that he was dying so that Brooke would leave Los Angeles – and Ridge. Later, Ridge was injured and it was discovered that Eric wasn’t his biological pop – Massimo was! Massimo groomed Rick, Ridge’s rival, hoping to tempt Ridge into working for him.

Oh, Sheila!

Stephanie wasn’t thrilled that Mass had dated Sally Spectra (in order to keep her from finding out Ridge wasn’t Eric’s), but she really didn’t like it when Mass connected with family nemesis, Sheila Carter. Mass and Steph teamed up to rescue Amber, who’d been kidnapped by Sheila.

Love Connection
Massimo Marone was used to getting what he wants and wasn’t afraid to use his money and influence to make things happen. He hired Deacon, Brooke’s ex-love and Hope’s dad, to seduce Brooke away from Ridge. Bridget, upon learning that she and Ridge weren’t related, developed feelings she didn’t understand for him. Stephanie shipped her out of the country to study medicine. Next, Mass told Ridge he was his dad!

Nick of Time

Ridge turned out to be not the only long-lost child Massimo would discover. Jackie Payne, Massimo’s former lover, had given birth to his son, Nick. Massimo urged the young man to romance Brooke. Jackie and Massimo married, but their happiness was short-lived after Ridge was kidnapped by Sheila, who had given birth to Massimo’s daughter, Diana. Ridge was rescued and Massimo’s nephew Oscar came to Los Angeles.

Divorce, American Style
Massimo divorced Jackie on The Bold and the Beautiful after he found out that she knew Ridge was the father of Brooke’s baby – not Nick. Mass got his revenge on Deacon by making him think he was drinking again. Deacon went off to rehab. Showing he wasn’t all evil, Massimo played hero by rescuing a kidnapped Ridge (who had amnesia) from his ex, Morgan DeWitt.

Mass became Stephanie’s hero when he discovered papers making her the legal owner of Forrester Creations. Still, he found it difficult to forgive Stephanie after it came out that she had faked her heart attack. Also, Massimo lost Nick’s love and his role as CEO of Marone Industries after Nick found out his dad coerced Forrester employee Megan into setting up Jackie on tax fraud.

Disappearing Act on The Bold and the Beautiful

Massimo proved during his stay in Los Angeles that he was capable of showing great kindness and support to his loved ones, but those who crossed him rightfully lived in fear! Ironically, the powerful presence faded from the scene over a decade ago. He’s occasionally referenced whenever it’s mentioned that Ridge is a Marone – not a Forrester.

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