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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Pam Douglas

The Bold and the Beautiful PamThe Bold and the Beautiful Pam

Throughout soap opera history there are siblings of main characters who spend their lives in the shadows before coming out into the spotlight. One such character is Pam Douglas on The Bold and the Beautiful, sister to the late Stephanie Forrester, and played by Alley Mills.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Who Is Pam Douglas?

Viewers got some insights into Stephanie upon learning that she’d been abused as a child. When she confronted her mother, Ann, who was in denial, Pam stepped forward and said Stephanie was right — only Pam was too scared to try to help her big sister!

Pam moved to Los Angeles and developed a crush on her brother-in-law, Eric, Steph’s husband. Pam then landed on the list of suspects after Stephanie was shot. Motive? Apparently, Pam resented Steph for moving away, leaving her behind to tend to their mother.

Mind Games
Pam was revealed to be bipolar and she was fine — if she stayed on her medication. When Eric started a romance with Donna Logan, Pam intervened and pulled pranks on the couple. Her actions escalated as Pam sent her Doberman after Donna!

Not only that, she fed Donna one of her famous lemon bars — but it was laced with poison. The only problem was that Eric ended up eating the dessert and fell into a coma, but Pam wasn’t done.

She also tied Donna to a chair and poured honey on her, hoping a grizzly bear would devour her! It turns out Pam had developed a brain injury while running away from her father. She had surgery and emerged with no memory of acting so horribly to Donna.

TV Drama

Pam got a job at Forrester as the receptionist but migrated over to Jackie M along with Stephanie. She made some TV appearances on both The Price is Right and on The Catwalk, a fashion talk show with Donna. Pam clashed with Stephanie when Steph, against their mom’s wishes, took her to a hospital when she was dying. They made peace and Ann passed away by the ocean.

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Logan’s Run
Pam fell for Stephen Logan — Donna’s dad — much to Steph’s chagrin. Pam accepted Stephen’s marriage proposal but was disappointed when he later moved to Dallas. Pam lost her job at Forrester after stealing some designs. Her feud with Donna was revived after she put itching powder in Donna’s nightie because of her jealousy of Nick’s feelings for Donna.

Her Sister’s Shadow

After Stephanie died, Pam felt she should leave Los Angeles. This was a defining moment for Pam. Did she have a place in her sister’s family once her sister was no longer around? The answer, Eric felt, was yes. He told her to stay.

A Love To Call Her Own
Pam Douglas developed a friendship and eventually a romance with Forrester Creations security guard Charlie Webber. But that didn’t mean she was done sticking her nose in everyone’s business.

Pam balked at Rick taking Stephanie’s portrait down and replacing it with one of his new wife, Maya. Later, Pam and Eric’s new wife, Quinn, fought over the placement of Stephanie’s portrait. Pam was crushed when Steph’s painting was damaged in her struggle with Quinn.

A mainstay at Forrester, Pam can always be counted on to overhear a private conversation, interject if she feels Stephanie’s legacy is being challenged, and provide comic relief. Currently, Pam and Charlie are engaged, but so far their wedding has yet to occur! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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