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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Hope Logan

The Bold and the Beautiful HopeThe Bold and the Beautiful Hope

Hope Logan – by the time she had matured into a headstrong young woman, she had already gone through two stepfathers and a whole host of paternal figures. Perhaps this example set would explain why she’d become one of The Bold and the Beautiful’s most married ladies.

Who Is Hope Logan?

Though Whipple Jones publicly claimed to be the father of Brooke Logan’s unborn baby, he did so only to protect the latter from having to reveal that she was really expecting a child sired by Deacon Sharpe, her oldest daughter’s boyfriend.

Like her sister before her, Hope was born inside a cabin owned by the Forrester family and situated in the Big Bear region of California. When the truth about her paternity was outed, it caused much friction between Brooke and Bridget but their eventual reconciliation resulted in baby girl Logan gaining the name Hope.

For a time, Hope was close to her father and her half-brother, Rick, but a bitter custody battle resulted in Deacon signing over his parenting rights. This was festive news for Nick Marone, who harbored a desire to marry Brooke and adopt Hope.

However, once an adulterous Brooke became pregnant with Ridge’s baby, she and Nick went their separate ways and she once again became Mrs. Forrester.

Boys, Boys, Boys
Though Liam Spencer is without a doubt the love of Hope’s life – and her most frequent spouse – he is far from the only man to have laid claim to Hope’s affections. A disastrous relationship with the violent Graham Darros paved the way for a romance with budding photographer Oliver Jones.

They survived the machinations of a jealous Steffy but Olivier’s accidental assignation with Brooke (both were wearing masks and believed the other to be their respective partners) proved too much of a betrayal to forgive.

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Enter Liam. Their nascent love affair was halted by a lie-telling Amber Moore, a scheming Steffy, and Hope’s eventual passion for Liam’s half-brother Wyatt. She became pregnant with Wyatt’s child but miscarried. After recovering from her loss in Italy, Hope returned to town and once again fought Steffy for Liam’s attention.

When Hope became pregnant with his child – and Steffy called their marriage quits – Liam proposed. Post-wedding, the duo formed a makeshift family with Steffy and the child she and Liam shared, though the arrangement always remained on shaky ground.

Baby Blues

For a time, Hope was led to believe that her daughter had been stillborn when she had, in actuality, been offered to an unsuspecting Steffy. Among the cabal responsible for her misfortune was Hope’s cousin, Flo Fulton, and Thomas Forrester, her ex-boyfriend and the man who would succeed in wooing and then bully her into marriage.

When the truth was finally revealed – thanks entirely to Hope’s newly acquired stepson, Douglas – Hope reclaimed her child, divorced Thomas, and successfully helped prove his further machinations to the entire Forrester clan.

Hope Logan – Moving Forward
As it stands, life looks decidedly sunny for Hope and company. She and Liam have reunited, committed themselves to raising Douglas and Beth, and a wedding is on the horizon.

But with an obviously unhinged Thomas still in the wind, how worried should Hope be that he might retaliate? The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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