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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Brooke Logan

The Bold and the Beautiful Brooke LoganThe Bold and the Beautiful Brooke Logan

Throughout soap opera history there have been heroines who become synonymous with a show’s identity. Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful believe that Brooke Logan Forrester, played by Katherine Kelly Lang, is the show’s quintessential leading lady.

Who Is Brooke Logan?

Viewers learned immediately that Brooke Logan was a fighter after she recounted having fought off men who tried to drag her into a van. She looked through mugshot books, hoping to find the perpetrators. Soon after, she would have one of the most defining moments of her life.

Working for her mom’s catering business, Brooke got to visit the Forrester mansion where she met Ridge — and life would never be the same for her again. Brooke deftly befriended Caroline, Ridge’s jilted fiancée, hoping to get to know him better but his mother Stephanie wasn’t thrilled with this new younger woman on the scene.

The Letter
Brooke showed she could be duplicitous when she hid a letter from Ridge to Caroline in which he was asking for a second chance. Caroline didn’t get the note till her wedding day with Thorne. She went ahead and married the younger brother, paving the way for Brooke to date Ridge.

Brooke and Ridge and Caroline and Thorne
Ridge invited Brooke to live with him in his parents’ mansion and soon proposed to Brooke, who became pregnant. Sadly, she miscarried Ridge’s baby and before long the engagement was off! Ridge then wed Caroline, but Brooke refused to believe that she and Ridge wouldn’t someday be together.

Mrs. Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke finally became Mrs. Forrester, but it wasn’t Ridge whom she married – Brooke wed Eric after giving birth to his son, Eric Jr. But she betrayed her vows by sleeping with Ridge after discovering BeLieF, a formula to make fabric rumple-free.

Brooke gave birth to Ridge’s daughter, Bridget, but Ridge chose to stay with his new wife Taylor. Brooke took control of Forrester Creations when it was revealed she owned full rights to BeLieF. During a heated negotiation, Brooke slapped Stephanie!

Substitute Romances

Brooke went on to have other romances – with Connor, James, and Thorne. After it came out that Bridget wasn’t Ridge’s, Brooke wed Grant, hoping to make Ridge jealous. It must have done the trick because Brooke finally wed Ridge, but their marriage was tested when the groom learned he was the father of Thomas, Taylor’s son.

Brooke lost Ridge to Taylor, who went on to give him twin daughters, Steffy and Phoebe. Next, Brooke fell in love with, of all people, her son-in-law Deacon and became pregnant with a daughter, Hope. Miraculously, Brooke and Bridget repaired their relationship.

Taylor Made
Taylor’s death paved the way for a Brooke/Ridge reunion. Just as she had once before, Taylor came back from the dead. Stephanie lied that she’d had a heart attack to prompt Ridge to choose Taylor. Brooke forced Stephanie to confess all to several family members assembled for a wedding. Brooke didn’t win Ridge back, but she re-wed Eric.

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The Nick of Time
After divorcing Eric, Brooke Logan moved on to a romance with Nick Marone, Ridge’s half-brother. But went back to Ridge after learning that her son, R.J., was Ridge’s and not Nick’s! Brooke rescued Ridge, who had amnesia, after his ex, Morgan DeWitt, took him to Italy.

Not Without My Children
Stephanie had Brooke’s kids taken away from her after she inadvertently neglected them. Next, Steph encouraged Andy Johnson to pursue Brooke. Instead, he ended up raping her. Brooke learned that she had another son – Jack – after Taylor inadvertently was implanted with Brooke’s egg.

The child couldn’t bond with Taylor so Brooke took custody. Brooke tried counseling and later, mud-slinging with Taylor to resolve their conflicts. Finally, Brooke came out on top when Ridge married her.

Foes To Friends

After Steph was diagnosed with cancer and went missing, Brooke located her in the homeless area of Los Angeles. Next, Brooke and Thomas were marooned on an island and mistakenly believed that they’d made love.

Brooke was thrown into Bill’s romantic orbit after his wife (and her sister) Katie tried to push them together while suffering from post-partum depression. Brooke thought she was going through menopause, but it turned out she was pregnant with Bill’s baby! Sadly, Brooke lost the child and Bill went back to Katie.

Finding Forrester
Brooke called off her wedding in Australia to Ridge after she spotted him and his stepmother Quinn having an intimate moment. Brooke rebounded by marrying Bill. Their union didn’t last, alas, because Bill mistreated Sally and, more importantly, Brooke was always going to love Ridge!

The Bold and the Beautiful In Modern Times
Brooke and Ridge eventually re-married in the Forrester mansion. The bride heard supportive words from Stephanie, playfully calling her the ‘slut from the valley’ from the great beyond.

She moved into a “talk to” role, helping Hope through her various crises. Recently, Brooke’s gone back to her fighting ways, taking on volatile Thomas and confronting her brother Storm’s ex-lover, Shauna, who is after Ridge! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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