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Sybil The Psychic Predicts B&B Spoilers: Sheila Is At A Crossroads

Will Sheila Carter choose love over vengeance?

b&b spoilers sybil predicts sheila carter futureSybil has lots in store for Sheila Carter.

B&B spoilers show that Sheila Carter always has a plan. Regardless of anything Bill may be hanging over her head, Sheila has a backup plan for the backup plan. The question is will the outcome be to her liking? Will she have to choose between her mission and her passion? Will she ever choose love over hate? I, Sybil the Psychic, plan to look into her future to see what’s in store for Sheila.

B&B Spoilers: Sheila Is Torn Between Mission And Her Passion

By examining the crystal ball, laying out the cards, and reading the tea leaves, I plan to predict what’s coming up for Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). But I make no promises because let’s face it – it’s not an exact science (and I’m not really that talented). Okay, Let’s take a plunge into the unknown.

Near Future

The crystal ball shows that Sheila, who seemingly has a plan with Bill (Don Diamont), is currently fighting her passion for Deacon (Sean Kanan). Male figures have always figured prominently in the trajectory of Sheila’s life. Now, she finds herself in the position of choosing between two. Who will come out on top? Will the naughty nurse ever choose love over hate? Passion over assassin? The easy choice would be to pick the man most like her (Bill) and continue down the familiar road of plotting, manipulating, and punishing anyone in her path. The other, less-traveled path, would be to embrace love and the unknown, allowing room for growth and healing—something the She-Devil has needed for a very long time.

B&B spoilers show that Sheila isn’t one for touchy, feely emotions (although it just might be what the doctor ordered). Who knows what possibilities lie ahead if she relinquishes the driver’s seat and sees where the road takes her? Surely, Life is more than revenge against, well…everybody.

As a powerful, vindictive woman, she often finds herself at the mercy of strong and powerful men. Will her current circumstances prove different? Will she allow someone in who only wants what is best for her? Or will she allow herself to be someone else’s pawn? Let’s see what the cards have to say.

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B&B Spoilers: The Emperor

Sheila pulled the Emperor card, which signifies a male authority figure, self-discipline, rationality, and stability. It often precedes change or loss. This can mean taking responsibility or shouldering the weight of past decisions. Does that mean Sheila will finally be held responsible for her numerous crimes? Regardless, it reflects that her inner strength will always pull her through.

The card hints that if she were to take responsibility for her past actions and make amends, Sheila could not only create a brighter future for herself but be a shining example of how far one could rehabilitate oneself. If only she could imagine what a future she could create with all that hate channeled into something great. Sheila is not known for making positive choices. Maybe now is the time.

Further Into Sheila Carter’s Future

In reading these tea leaves, I, Sybil the Psychic, spy an Anchor, which means possible success in love. If blurred, a love or lover that can’t be trusted. Sybil says, “Change your stars. It is time for something new.”

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