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B&B Spoilers Speculation: Mike Will Sacrifice Sheila To Save Himself

B&B Spoilers Mike and SheilaB&B Spoilers Mike and Sheila

B&B spoilers have been filled over the years with tales of how Mike Guthrie has been loyal to Sheila Carter, ever since he worked as a security guard at Forrester Creations and she was Mrs. Eric Forrester. He continued to show that devotion by helping her get out of jail after she was put there for shooting her son Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan and daughter-in-law Steffy Forrester Finnegan.

B&B Spoilers Speculation

B&B fans have seen their favorite characters make all kinds of decisions in the name of love. Right now, Mike has been standing by Sheila even though he knows her keeping Finn (Tanner Novlan) a prisoner is wrong. But is that really what Mike should be doing? Soap Hub asked B&B fans to predict whether or not Mike will ever give Sheila up to the law.

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers: Lawman, Free Thyself

Mike committed a crime by allowing Sheila to escape from police custody. The only leverage he has in staying away from jail himself is to throw Sheila under a bus, figuratively, that is, and tell Chief Deputy Lt. Baker (Dan Martin) and the police everything he knows. Would Sheila sacrifice herself to save Mike if positions were reversed? We doubt it. About 77% of you speculate that Mike needs to turn on Sheila and be loyal to his own best interests.

B&B Spoilers: Sheila and Mike

Some of you, about 17%, predict that there’s no way that Mike will turn on Sheila. He’s in love with her. The two have been through way too much over the years for Mike to put Sheila behind bars. You get the sense that he’ll take his chances with a judge and jury before he’d put Sheila back in prison. Sure, he’s misguided, but…Mike’s a man in love!

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Bold and the Beautiful: Love Hurts

Mike needs a session with world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) to figure out why he’s so loyal to someone who hasn’t been good to him. Yes, Sheila has some moments with Mike where she professes to care for him. But mostly, Sheila’s been mean to Mike; there’s got to be a reason he keeps coming back to her. If Sheila wants to get Mike to do her bidding, she might be extra mean to him. Sadly, that seems to work. That’s what approximately 6% of you predict. Poor Mike.

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