Thomas Forrester Uses His Charm To Worm His Way To Hope

The B&B recap for Thursday, January 26, 2023: Thomas hopes to return to the family fold.

thomas forrester speaking intently to a clearly conflicted hopeThomas and Hope

On today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Thomas Forrester works overtime to convince anyone who will listen to him — Hope especially — that he’s the one and only chance that the company has to succeed.

Bold and Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition to Thomas’s planned efforts, Liam (Scott Clifton) and Finn (Tanner Novlan) busied themselves with trashing Douglas’s (Henry Joseph Samiri) father, because that’s what passes for male bonding in Los Angles. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Thomas Forrester Puts In The Effort

The way Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) sees it, if Forrester Creations wants Hope For The Future to continue to be the powerhouse it’s been in the past, they need him. Thomas and Thomas alone has the magic touch.

But what of your misdeeds wonders Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Does Thomas really believe he should wind up rewarded for the misery he caused? Should Thomas not be made to pay, to suffer the consequences of his actions? Does he even understand that what he did was wrong?

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Of course, I do, replies Thomas. That being said, he’s still firmly set on being the one to resurrect Hope’s (Annika Noelle) failing line. And no, it has nothing to do with his still lingering feelings for Hope. Oh no. Not at all. This is strictly about the line.

B&B Recap: Bad Dad

Though Douglas doesn’t seem the least bit interested in having anything to do with Liam — despite him co-parenting him the majority of his life — he’s found his happy place in the cliff house with Finn, Steffy, and Kelly.

Finn couldn’t be prouder of the little dude, and Liam couldn’t be more thankful that Finn is just a cool uncle to Douglas and an awesome stepfather to Kelly. He might have given the doc a hard time at first, but he’s really come around.

Liam’s also thankful that in Finn he’s found another Thomas hater. Gosh, that guy is just the worst. The way he lies, the way he schemes, the way he’s always sniffing around Hope. And he’s SUCH a bad father…and Liam knows from bad fathers.

That’s why that Liam has made it his mission to provide Douglas with a home that is happy, healthy, secure, and full of love. So much love. Everything that lying liar Thomas will never be able to provide…not that Douglas seems very appreciative.

Paris Sings Thomas’s Praises

Hope’s head is spinning. On the one hand, she wants nothing to do with Thomas in the wake of his shenanigans being revealed. On the other hand, she REALLY cares about her career and her line and what it means to her and to her customers worldwide. And she’s got a whole staff under her that’s counting on HFTF to retain its place in the fashion industry hierarchy. But is all that enough to justify rehiring Thomas? Paris (Diamond White) certainly thinks so.

After all, Thomas is soooo damned talented. He just knows what works and what doesn’t. What’s in and what’s out. What appeals to women. And boy does he have drive and passion. That’s got to count for something…right? Isn’t that why Hope hired him in the first place? Yeah, pretty much.

But what is Hope to do? Reward Thomas for his behavior and ensure that he never ever learns his lesson? Consign her line to the scrap heap? Decisions decisions. And Steffy’s no help. She’s no surer than Hope about what’s the right thing to do.

An eavesdropping Thomas knows what he thinks the right thing to do is…but whether or not his pleas for a second chance fall on deaf ears or earn him a reprieve remains to be seen.

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