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Steffy Forrester Warns Thomas To Stay On The Right Track

The B&B recap for Monday, March 13, 2023: There is to be no backsliding and no hints of his previous bad boy behaviors.

the bold and the beautiful recap for monday, march 13 2023, steffy forrester in her business bestSteffy Forrester puts Thomas on notice.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Steffy Forrester made Thomas aware of what she expected from him moving forward.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Liam (Scott Clifton) concluded that he and his wife were on the same page just as Hope (Annika Noelle) readied to tell him otherwise. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Steffy Forrester Puts Thomas On Notice

At Forrester Creations, Hope enthused about Douglas’s (Henry Joseph Samiri) desire to resume living with her and Liam, then clocked Thomas’s sorrowful expression.

“Are you okay with this,” she inquired, adding, “I mean, obviously, it was your suggestion that Douglas pick where he lives, and I know that you were hoping that he’d want to live with you.”

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Thomas granted Hope that Douglas choosing to live with someone — anyone — other than himself was painful, but he insisted that it would be okay. “We’re in a better place now, and we can figure out a better situation that works for all of us.”

Enter Steffy, who took the opportunity of having Thomas and Hope in the same room to question whether or not a decision had been made regarding Thomas’s employ.

Hope revealed that there had been a decision made, and she filled Steffy in on both it and the news about Douglas. Steffy was more than thrilled…but she couldn’t help but wonder how Liam took the news.

Hope sheepishly admitted that not only had she not yet apprised Liam, but that she actually intended to say no. Now very aware that she had to come clean, Hope set off to do just that.

Catching her before she could exit the room, Thomas assured her that, “If you have to let me go in order to protect your marriage, it’s okay….I’ll be fine with that.”

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An impressed Steffy applauded Thomas’s seeming sincerity, then warned him against backsliding into old, bad habits. He’s in a good, positive place, and she wants him to stay in it. “I know you’ve worked so hard on yourself. I really hope it pays off.” Thomas promised that it would.

B&B Recap: Bothered Bros.

Meanwhile, at the cabin, Liam reiterated to Wyatt (Darin Brooks) his pleasure that he’d gotten through to Hope where Thomas was concerned that she wouldn’t ever again be toiling alongside him.

For his part, Wyatt couldn’t believe that Hope ever considered that a viable option, but Liam was quick to point out that Steffy had a hand in it, considering that she’d thoroughly convinced Hope that Thomas was the only designer capable of executing her vision for the label.

The brothers then groused about the kind of man Thomas really is. Liam finds him “unreliable” and “egocentric,” and they both find him “creepy.”

Still, Liam couldn’t help but worry that there was something more he could do to help Hope, besides being encouraging and supportive. HFTF is sputtering, after all. And she’s been low ever since Douglas chose to live with Steffy and Finn (Tanner Novlan) at the cliff house.

Before Wyatt took his leave, Liam inquired as to whether or not he’s been in touch with their father. That would be a BIG no. Wyatt then had a question for Liam — has he told Bill about the situation with Thomas? That would also be a BIG no.

A Wife’s Prerogative

After steadying herself — and flashing back to the moment she agreed not to rehire Thomas — Hope entered the cabin and greeted Liam. Pleasantries were exchanged, the news that Douglas would soon be returning home was imparted, and the bomb dropped. Not only had she changed her mind where Thomas was concerned, but “I asked [him] to come back to Hope For The Future as lead designer.”

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