Hope Logan Does, Indeed, Fall For…Err…On…Bad Boys

The B&B recap for Wednesday, April 5, 2023: It’s completely innocent. No, really it is.

the bold and the beautiful recap for wednesday, april 5, 2023 hope logan in thomas's armsHope Logan crashes into Thomas.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Hope Logan gets caught in a most compromising position — literally!

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, a father and son reconcile — and not for the first time — and Wyatt’s day goes from fair to middling. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Hope Logan Disappoints Both Her Mother And Husband

In the catchall room at Forrester Creations — you know, the design office/Hope’s office/Paris’s office/Katie and Carter’s boudoir away from their respective boudoirs — Hope and Brooke reflected on the previous night’s revelations, and the former had a question for the latter: would Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) return negatively affect her budding friendship with Taylor (Krista Allen)?

Absolutely not, assured Brooke. In fact, she went on to relay how she and Taylor had already spoken to Ridge and made clear that their decision to choose themselves and their sisterhood over him still stood. Hope was gratified to hear that.

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What’s more, Brooke granted that prior to her making that stand, she’d been a woman who believed she must have a man. Any man would do. And unfortunately, she’d always gone for either the wrong man (read: married, engaged, or otherwise attached) or the bad boy or the bad boy who was wrong for her.

Even Deacon (Sean Kanan) had been a poor choice, costing Brooke face and, for a time, a relationship with Bridget (Ashley Jones). Of course, Brooke had gotten Hope out of it, which was a blessing.

Still, Brooke couldn’t help but preen that her daughter was someone who lived her life the exact opposite of her. Hope didn’t yearn for the bad boys. How Brooke appreciated that. And how uncomfortable such talk made Hope.

The convo soon turned to another disconcerting topic: Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). Brooke inquired as to whether or not Hope’s working with him was negatively affecting her marriage to Liam (Scott Clifton), and Hope insisted that that wasn’t the case.

Opposite this, Liam groused to brother Wyatt how Thomas and Hope’s working relationship was negatively affecting his and Hope’s relationship. Wyatt threw his all behind Liam and agreed that he had every reason to worry. And no, Wyatt didn’t think that Liam was being too possessive.

What Wyatt didn’t appreciate, however, was Liam abandoning him mid-meal to go and check up on things at Forrester, leaving him with the bill!

Meanwhile, an enthused Thomas interrupted Brooke and Hope’s klatch. Brooke got going (across the hall), and Hope and Thomas got down to the business of fitting his latest design.

It was yet another hit. Hope loved it, and she looked gorgeous. The session got a wee tense, and Hope leveled with her colleague. Like everyone else around her, she, too, was curious as to whether Thomas was still battling his desire for her, but Thomas swore that wasn’t the case. Hope accepted that answer and decided to leave it at that.

Stepping off the podium on which she’d hopped, Hope slipped and tumbled onto Thomas’s lap. Harmless enough and a tad funny. But Liam, who happened to catch sight of the two tangled up in each other’s arms didn’t appreciate the scene. Not one little bit!

B&B Recaps: Credit Where It’s Due

Ridge was riding high. He was back in his element, he and Thomas had a frank, stirring, and seemingly sincere tête-à-tête — you know the drill, Thomas is sorry, he’s going to do better, he’s going to prove himself to his family and especially his son — and now Brooke was visiting.

She hailed him as a conquering hero, but he blanched and countered that he’d merely held the cape of the real hero. Bill (Don Diamont) was the man of the hour.

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