Eric Collapses after Realizing Ridge Let Him Win the Fashion Challenge

Eric Forrester’s reaction to learning he lost to his son was classy.

the bold and the beautiful recap for december 8, 2023, episode 9164, eric collapsed and was surrounded by loved ones.Eric Forrester collapsed.

In The Bold and the Beautiful recap for December 8, 2023, both Eric and Donna discovered a certain truth at the continuation of Eric’s grand finale celebration.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, the show rolled out more emotional moments between Eric and the rest of his friends and family. But the party ended abruptly when the Forrester patriarch collapsed. At the hospital, Finn continued to work on a mystery project. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what went down.

Many More Emotional Moments

Eric (John McCook) assured everybody he was all right and that they couldn’t understand how much this whole evening meant to him. Then, a teary Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) replied that they do, they all do. Tonight was special and was one they will look back on. Because, she knew family has always meant the most to him, and they felt the same way. He is their leader, and he would always be their leader — here at his home and at Forrester. So tonight they wanted to celebrate him. Her toast ended with, “Cheers to you, Grandad!”

Shortly after, everybody commended Steffy for not giving anything away and holding it all together. However, she silently showed her worry. Eric continued to work the room, telling everybody what they meant to him. First, Bridget (Ashley Jones) and Thorne (Winsor Harmon), then Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor).

Carter said he felt grateful for landing here in Los Angeles and at Forrester and that he changed his life with the way he welcomed him at FC and with the way he forgives. (click here to remember why Carter needed to be forgiven) It’s like he was more than a boss, more than a friend — he was like a surrogate father. If it was up to him, Eric said it wouldn’t be a surrogate. Carter told Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) that was the hardest thing he ever had to do.

Eric and the Next Generation

Next, Eric said he sees great things for Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) future, great things, and good things. As for Hope (Annika Noelle), he recognized how she was so aptly named. It’s a wonderful reminder as we go through life, we must never lose hope. In turn, Hope said she’s learned to never give up, even in the darkest of times. Both Hope and Thomas hugged Eric.

When Steffy stepped up to once again talk to her grandad, he called her the “Jewel of the Forrester Family.” He raved gloriously about how he always thought of her as that and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) did, too. Appreciative, Steffy said he was always going to live through her. And that she loved him so much.

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Eric said he was looking at the future of the Forresters: Zende (Delon de Metz), Luna (Lisa Yamada), and RJ (Joshua Hoffman). RJ said he’s never been wrong, and Eric thanked Luna for coming. He said he’s never stopped being impressed with Zende’s talent, how he’s risen above adversity, and that he’s proud of him. The success of a company isn’t just one person. It’s a team effort.

Finn in Doctor Mode

Li (Naomi Matsuda) wanted to know why Finn (Tanner Novlan) was still at the hospital instead of the party. She said they should head over. He said he’d do just about anything for Steffy, and Eric was a remarkable man. Interestingly, Li said she was envious of what he had. After all, Eric had so much to live for. Little did she know just what was going on.

Donna’s Discovery

Donna overheard Thomas, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Ridge, and Hope discussing Eric not winning the fashion challenge. She went over and told them he could never find that out. She doesn’t understand how he lost and realized they never showed them the receipts, and while this was a great gesture, she felt Eric was going to find out. She didn’t know what it would do to Eric if he did find out.

The Truth Doesn’t Hurt, It’s Accepted

When it was time for Brooke and Ridge to step up and join Eric, Brooke was super emotional. She told him he had always been her champion and the first to root for her and Ridge. Subsequently, Eric turned to his son, discussing how he and Brooke would lead this company and this family into the future. Of course, he got a jab or two in, saying while they’ve battled each other and admired each other, Ridge wasn’t the best designer. He was — they proved that in the fashion challenge.

For some reason, Eric started questioning Ridge and Carter regarding the results. He wanted to know if he actually did win. Soon, he realized what everybody else in the room already knew Eric didn’t win the challenge. Ridge did. After a few “You lied to me” tirades, he asked the burning question. Why would he lie to him? Ultimately, instead of blowing up, he said that was the nicest thing anybody had ever done for him. He thanked his son and shook his hand.

Eric laughed but then collapsed and called out for Donna. He really tried to appease her and his family, telling them it was okay, that he was at peace with this. He wanted everybody to be kind to each other. And, finally, he closed his eyes. Then the camera zoomed out to show Eric on the ground, with everybody surrounding him looking devastated. And then the screen flashed to white.

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