Dollar Bill Spencer Admits He Unleashed Sheila ‘For A Reason’

The B&B recap for Wednesday, March 8, 2023: We shutter think what that may be.

the bold and the beautiful recap for wednesday, march 8, 2023 liam and dollar bill spencerDollar Bill Spencer does not appreciate Liam's lambasting

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Bill Spencer makes it crystal clear that he has a plan where Sheila Carter is concerned. Just what that plan is, remains to be seen.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) put the ball that is Thomas’s rehiring firmly in Hope’s (Annika Noelle) court, and neither Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) nor Deacon (Sean Kanan) could shake the memory of their lovemaking. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Dollar Bill Spencer Is Up To Something

Sheila was at a loss. Has Liam (Scott Clifton) finally gotten Bill to doubt her? To doubt her dedication to their relationship? Perish the thought, explained Bill. In fact, he’d just gotten done telling his son that he trusts Sheila, that he knows for a fact that she wouldn’t try to play him.

And how does he know? “Because you’re smarter than that. You know who I am. What I’m capable of. You’re dancing with the Devil, Sheila.” Sheila grants Bill that. She does know exactly who she’s dancing with — and what he’s capable of. Supposedly it’s what drew her to him and vice versa.

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Bill reminds Sheila that he’s not asking much of her. Just that she’s “open, honest. No secrets. I need your love, your total commitment, and your loyalty.

Meanwhile, in their quaint little cottage, Hope and Liam were practically giddy by Bill’s earlier threat that he’d “do something to Sheila if she ever crosses him.”

“That sounds like the old Bill!” celebrated Hope. “I know,” agreed Liam. “Nothing like a homicidal threat to bring back thoughts of warmer, gentler times.” But still, something is up. If only Liam could get to the bottom of it. He needs answers. He NEEDS them!

Then go get them, encouraged Hope, knowing full well that if Liam goes running to his pop, that’ll stall the inevitable conversation the two of them need to have regarding Thomas returning to work on the Hope For The Future Line.

Liam quibbled. And debated. Shouldn’t he stay there, with Hope? After all, she’s going through so much. Losing physical custody of Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri), all the drama going on at Forrester Creations. Maybe she needs him to stick around?

Hope insisted that he should go find out more. So back to Bill’s abode, Liam flew, and what should he walk in on but a fraught moment between his father and Sheila?

After requesting, and receiving, a private audience, Liam tore into Bill, demanding something that would pass for an explanation. What he got in lieu was Bill admitting to having sprung Sheila from jail for “a reason.” Beyond flustered, Liam took his leave before nailing his father down on what that reason was.

B&B Recap: Decision, Decision, Decision

Elsewhere, the Chief Executive Officer’s office at Forrester Creations, to be specific, Brooke made a couple of things perfectly clear. First, she was never, ever going to forgive Thomas for costing her her marriage to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). It just wasn’t going to happen. Second, she reiterated what concerns her the most, namely that Thomas will once again grow obsessed with her daughter.

For his part, Thomas swore that he was truly sorry for the damage he wrought, and that, thanks to therapy, he’s becoming a better, healthier person, and that he’d never again give into his darker impulses.

But Brooke wanted to know how she could be sure. Taylor (Krista Allen) offered her assurance. That must count for something. Right? Yes, of course, it does.

Once Hope put in an appearance, Brooke granted that she believes Thomas’s sincerity, then assured her daughter that it was her decision and her decision alone whether or not Thomas was rehired. So, what say Hope?

Sheila Carter and Deacon Pine For One Another

Despite themselves, Sheila and Deacon can’t help but flashback to their most recent hot ‘n’ heavy romp. When the latter phones the former, he’s severely rebuked…but it’s obvious that Sheila would much rather be talking with him than Bill.

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