B&B Recap: Wyatt Calls Out ‘Little Puke’ Liam

This was not Liam Spencer’s day.

the bold and the beautiful recap for tuesday, august 8, 2023, two images, wyatt and liam.Wyatt questions Liam's supposedly noble intentions.

In The Bold and the Beautiful recap for August 8, 2023, Liam got abuse from both his little brother and his love rival. Ironically, Wyatt and Finn are practically on the same page.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) filled Eric (John McCook) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in on recent goings on. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

B&B Recap: The Truth Will Out

At Spencer Publications, Liam (Scott Clifton) told Wyatt (Darin Brooks) about Kelly’s near-death experience, Finn’s (Tanner Novlan) inaction, and the part Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) played in rescuing his daughter. Sheila! Of all people. Yuck. They all hate her.

Wyatt wondered why Sheila was even there, only to answer his own question. Finn, that’s why. All roads lead back to Finn. The villainess had barely been out of jail, and already she was stalking her baby boy and his stepdaughter.

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Liam groused that Finn was a magnet for Sheila, especially in light of his hugging her, and he doubled down on his resolve to keep “that monster” away from his family. Wyatt cheered Liam on…then returned to a well from which he’s drawn several times.

Is Liam sure there’s not a part of him realizing that, with Finn and Steffy on the brink, he’s got an opportunity to reunite with his favorite ex? Absolutely not, argued Liam. Yes, it’s true that he’ll always love Steffy, but he’s laser-focused on keeping her and the children safe, that’s his only goal in life. Wyatt did not seem very convinced.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Confrontation Station

Opposite this, RJ (Joshua Hoffman) swung by Finn and Steffy’s place in the hope of catching up. Unfortunately, it fell to Finn to explain that RJ’s efforts were in vain. Steffy, nor the children, were home. But he could find them at Eric’s.

RJ was taken aback. He wondered if Steffy left Finn? Like, “left” left? Finn admitted that yes, yes, she had. And even though Finn held his hands up when it came to ignoring Kelly on the beach, he insisted to RJ that Liam was to blame for his and Steffy’s troubles. Liam had it out for him. Liam wanted Steffy back, and he was doing everything in his power to undermine Steffy and Finn’s marriage.

But Finn wasn’t going to stand for that. Oh no! Finn was going to confront the problem head-on…and by problem, we, of course, mean Liam. Cue Finn barging into Liam’s office — interrupting Liam’s returning a picture of him, Steffy, and Kelly to pride of place — itching for a fight.

Finn railed at Liam for not confronting him about hugging Sheila but rather sneaking a video and running to Steffy. After hurling one of the best insults heard in daytime in quite some time — “You little puke!” — Finn roared that he and Steffy would be getting over this obstacle like they had all the others — together!

B&B Recap: In Crisis

Over at the Forrester manse, Ridge arrived just in time for Steffy to relay how Finn had ignored Kelly while she almost drowned and that Sheila saved her daughter. Once Eric had taken his leave, Steffy explained to Ridge how Finn had *GASP* hugged Sheila. Ridge vowed he’d talk with Finn, man-to-man, father-in-law-to-son-in-law, and all that.

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