B&B Recap: Katie Learns Eric’s Big Secret

Her first thought was to spare some support for her sister. Her second was to worry about Ridge Forrester’s feelings.

the bold and the beautiful recap for october 23, 2023, katie eavesdrops on donna and eric.Katie eavesdrops on Donna and Eric.

In The Bold and the Beautiful recap for October 23, 2023, Katie overhears the aftermath of Eric’s devastating diagnosis. Of course, she has opinions on how he should conduct himself moving forward.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Ridge put secret-keeping RJ on the spot, and Liam tried to get some intel on Steffy. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

B&B Recap: It’s Complicated

At the Forrester Mansion, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) presented Eric (John McCook) with a “yummy green juice” that he didn’t very much appreciate. What did please him was his final collection coming together so perfectly. He’s going to beat the pants off Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Mark his words!

Suddenly seized by a coughing fit, Eric did his best to cover when Katie (Heather Tom) came in, the guest list for the fashion showdown in hand. Yes, yes, he does sound horrible. But it’s just allergies. Nothing a cough drop or three won’t cure.

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Once alone with her sister, Katie begged for the truth. What was really wrong with Eric? Also, why does he continue to insist on calling this collection his grand finale? He’s got years and years of creative endeavors ahead of him. He’s got so much to offer the fashion world. Why walk away from something that means so much to him?

Before Donna could crumble, Eric returned and reminded her that they had an appointment to get ready for. Katie took that as her cue to leave.

Soon Eric and Donna were joined by Dr. Colby (Justiin Davis), who had an update on Eric’s condition. It’s terminal. What’s more, continuing ahead with the scheduled head-to-head could accelerate his end.

While Donna was ready to call time, Eric refused. He roared that if he was going to die, then he was going to go out on his own terms. At least then, he can die a happy man. His collection will be a reality — whether it kills him or not.

After Dr. Colby left, Eric did his utmost to comfort Donna. She really shouldn’t worry. Hell, he’ll live to see 110, if nothing else. He reiterated that just because the doctor issued a death sentence, it doesn’t mean he’s dying anytime soon. Of course, Katie walked back through the front door at that moment and heard everything.

Later, Katie wondered if Ridge knew about Eric’s condition — and when Donna admitted that he hadn’t, she insisted that be rectified. (As if it was actually any of her business.)

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: A Fine Mess

Having complained to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) that all the fighting with his dad was getting him down (not to mention swatting away pesky Liam [Scott Clifton] who wanted answers about his ex), Ridge took the opportunity of RJ’s (Joshua Hoffman) drop-in to get some answers to some very pressing questions.

What was going on with his dad? Why did RJ suddenly decide to join the family business and attach himself to Eric’s side? And most pressing of all, is there something going on with Eric that he should know about? Surely RJ knows that he can tell him anything. ANYTHING!

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