B&B Recap: Hope’s ‘Love’ For Thomas Leaves Liam Shook

Liam Spencer was left odd man out.

the bold and the beautiful recap for friday, november 17, 2023, liam, and hope and thomas.Hope and Thomas generated some massive heat while Liam was left alone in the cold.

In The Bold and the Beautiful recap for November 17, 2023, Liam threw a fit upon learning he was no longer the center of Hope’s universe.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Brooke tried to get Thomas to see reason, and Luna impressed Steffy. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Hope For The Future

At Forrester Creations, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) made it clear to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) that what he and Hope (Annika Noelle) shared was more than just “enjoying each other’s company.” Brooke, however, wasn’t convinced.

As far as she saw it, Hope was still mourning the loss of her marriage, and Thomas should be sensitive to that. Maybe, he should give her some space. Thomas agreed…to follow Hope’s lead on that subject.

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Brooke then put up the argument that Hope wasn’t in love with Thomas the same way he was in love with her and might never be. Was Thomas really prepared to live with that? Maybe. Maybe. But he had hope (pun intended). Hope that Hope does love him, deep down inside. Brooke huffed.


Meanwhile, Liam (Scott Clifton) reiterated that he’d always care about, and love, Hope. And that meant worrying about her. And he’s worried. Desperately so. What in the world was she thinking? Hooking up with Thomas, of all people?

Hope hissed that this was her life now, and he was going to have to accept that. And as for her and Thomas, they are taking things day by day. That did little to boost Liam’s confidence. So, it’s just sex to her? Hooking up and nothing more? That’s not like her. Hope huffed. Maybe he doesn’t know her. Maybe he never did. Maybe he only ever loved the idea of her.

Luckily for Hope, she now has a man who sees her — REALLY sees her. A man who puts her wants, her needs, and her desires first. And a man who loves her. REALLY loves her. And ONLY her. Unlike Liam. She never had his full heart. There was always Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to contend with.

What’s more, Hope is open to the possibility of anything happening in her future. Anything. Yes, even having another baby. Maybe with Thomas, but certainly not with Liam.

As Hope continued to rail, Thomas arrived and ducked out of sight so that he might eavesdrop. Upon hearing his lady love screech that she was well aware that Thomas loves her with all his heart and that she loves him for it, Thomas made his presence known. Liam was so chagrined he eventually beat a hasty retreat — or so the couple thought.

While Thomas and Hope got all hot and bothered, Liam stood outside and watched. Just watched. Like the creep that he is.

Family Is What You Make Of It

Over at their abode, Finn (Tanner Novlan) and Steffy delighted in catching up with Luna (Lisa Yamada), who continued to go up in Steffy’s estimation. When the men — that would be Finn and RJ (Joshua Hoffman) departed for a night swim — Steffy and Luna stayed behind to chat further. Steffy remained suitably impressed by the young woman. And Luna’s sincere seeming flattery got her everywhere.

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