B&B Recap: Hope Served Liam With Divorce Papers

Now there’s a clear, guilt free path to Thomas Forrester.

the bold and the beautiful recap for wednesday, july 19, 2023, two images liam and hope overlaying an image of divorce papers.Liam and Hope put an end to their marriage.

In the Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 19, 2023, Hope beat Liam to yet another punch. First, the rings, and now the preparation, and signing, of the divorce papers.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Finn (Tanner Novlan) found himself in a most unenviable position, and RJ worries himself silly over his sister’s mess of a life. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

B&B Recap: Calling It Quits

At the home they formerly shared, Hope (Annika Noelle) reiterated her position. She’ll no longer be the wife of a man with divided loyalties. She’s sorry she hurt Liam (Scott Clifton) so, but not sorry that the whole experience opened her eyes.

Liam groused that he wasn’t sure how they went from discussing her kissing Thomas Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) to the supposed problem that was his connection to Steffy (Jaqueline MacInnes Wood) — who’s married to another man, whereas Hope tied herself to [a readily available man] via Douglas.

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Hope was incensed when Liam intimated that Thomas was a “bad boy” and wondered what made him so bad in the here and now. “Is it because he loves me? Is it because he’s dedicated to me? Is it because he’s loyal? Is it because when I look into his eyes, I just see a 100% commitment and I can’t say the same for you?”

Hope then pointedly wondered if it was so easy for Liam to ask for a divorce from her because he wanted to get back with Steffy. Liam admitted that he was reconsidering a vast number of decisions in his life but claimed he didn’t want Steffy back [the two kisses he planted on her notwithstanding].

Still unconvinced, Hope suggested the two of them get on with their lives. And to that, they needed to sign their divorce papers…which she produced from her bag. With that, she and Liam made their split official.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Mother Load

Noticing the frustration mounting in her stretched too thin, do-gooder, all ways on call hubby, Steffy made sure to impart how much she — and so many others — admired Finn. And not just for being a doctor, but for a flesh and blood man too. He’s just wonderful.

Finally soothed, Finn was soon riled again when he was forced to swing by the local lockup and check back in on one Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Sheila was more than delighted to see her baby boy. He was the sight that she’d just got done praying for — and considering good buddy Mike (Ken Hanes) had just warned her that she was never, ever getting out of jail — she really needed a miracle.

Finn insisted that he was there as Sheila’s physician and only as Sheila’s physician, and she said that was A-okay with her. Besides, no matter what Finn said, she’d always be his mother. Always.

B&B Recap: Topics Of Conversation

At Forrester Creations, RJ (Joshua Hoffman) indulged his perfectionist father by trying on a large swath of the Forrester Men’s Line and giving his opinion. But, it was hard for RJ to concentrate, given how worried he is over Hope and Liam’s marriage. Ridge bid his son hope for the best. He was sure that Hope and Liam would figure it all out, get over their rough patch, and be all the stronger for it.

Enter Steffy, and cue a change of conversation. She wondered how everybody felt about Sheila’s rapidly approaching trial, particularly Finn. Steffy expressed her desire for justice and declared that Finn wanted to see Sheila pay for her crimes more than anyone else.

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