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B&B Recap For November 14: Douglas Discovered His Father’s Shocking Secret

Douglas Forrester’s joy turned into shock and disappointment in his daddy.

B&B recap for Monday, November 14, 2022

B&B recap for Monday, November 14, 2022, features little Douglas Forrester doing some accidental detective work and Ridge Forrester revisiting the past by making it his future.

B&B Recap Highlights

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) was all big and bad as he warned Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) away from his dad. However, his smug demeanor changed when Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) uncovered the voice recordings. Meanwhile, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) put a huge smile on Taylor Hayes’s (Krista Allen) face by putting a ring on her finger. Let’s break down everything that happened.

Bold and the Beautiful: Marry Me!

Taylor consoled Ridge who admitted ending his marriage wasn’t the easiest thing he’s ever done. But, it IS done. Ridge truly thought he had figured out how to be married. How to love someone and respect someone (sure) but look how that turned out?! Taylor asked if he had regrets about being with her. No, he didn’t…he said.

Taylor and Ridge then talked about them and their family before kissing in the office. Ridge commented about how there was always magic in their marriage. Ridge then rushed out and told Taylor to stay by her phone.

Later, Ridge texted Taylor to come to the showroom. Ridge gave a beautiful speech about remembering when, once upon a time, he and Taylor lit the world on fire. Remember that showstopper gown? The stage then lit up and there was the dress. Taylor was in awe. When she turned around Ridge was down on one knee with a ring. Taylor didn’t even need to hear him ask before she said “YES” and jumped into his arms.

B&B Recap: So Many Lies

Meanwhile, at the Forrester mansion, Thomas had another talk with his son about the app. He didn’t like it and explained that Douglas not listening was disrespectful. Thomas then sent Douglas to his room to delete the app and think of what he’s done.

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Over at the Logan estate, Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) did her best to console Brooke. They were both shocked Ridge actually went through with the annulment. Donna then told Brooke about the drama between Thomas and Douglas and how intense it all was. Their conversation was interrupted when Thomas showed up. He asked to speak to Brooke alone.

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Brooke kept her walls up as the told Thomas she was not the villain in his mother’s story. Thomas did not agree. She definitely was and definitely is. He asked her, not so politely, to leave his dad alone. She went and pled her case already, and Ridge made it clear he doesn’t want her. This should have been done years ago.

B&B Recap: Who’s More Awful?

Thomas and Brooke went back and forth about how awful they each are. Thomas claimed Brooke has never supported him – especially in the last few years. Brooke outright told Thomas she doesn’t trust him. Brooke warned him to not hurt her daughter…or his sweet son.

Back at the mansion, Douglas was in his room about to delete the voice app when he discovered how to restore all his deleted files. He got excited and went through them. It was then he found the one with Brooke making the Child Protective Services call. Douglas was very, very confused. Things came clear when he clicked all the other sounds and found his father’s voice too. “Wait, does this mean…Dad called CPS on himself?!”

Douglas had it all figured out by the time Thomas came home. His dad asked if he deleted the app, and Douglas said he was about to when he found a way to restore ALL his files. Oh yes, all of his and some that were not his. Some that were his dad’s!

Douglas scolded his father for being so deceitful. Thomas tried to explain himself, but Douglas said it reminded him of the baby Beth secret. Thomas’s eyes went dark. It wasn’t the same thing, and it wouldn’t end the same either!

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