Why Is Ridge So Upset About Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful?


Ridge Forrester has always driven story on The Bold and the Beautiful as the show’s premiere leading man. Lately, he’s been spending time involved in his father’s personal affairs thanks to Eric’s decision to let his wife Quinn Fuller Forrester continue her affair with Carter Walton.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ridge Is Supporting His Dad

It’s great that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is loyal to Eric (John McCook) but these days Ridge is stepping into the most personal parts of his father’s marriage. Do his reasons exceed family loyalty? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans. Read on for the results.

B&B’s Supportive Son

Most of you, about 53%, feel that Ridge is grilling his dad about his marital life because he believes Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) are taking advantage of him. Quinn gets to keep her title as Mrs. Eric Forrester and her portrait is still over the fireplace on B&B and she gets to still have sex with Carter. Ridge feels his dad is getting the short end of the stick and he won’t stand for it!

Not How He’d Handle It

A little over a fifth of you, 21%, believe that Ridge keeps after his dad about this because he can’t wrap his head around the fact that Eric would make this decision. Why would Eric let Quinn have her cake and eat it too when Eric’s at home by himself. Quinn has wed Eric for better or worse. Ridge feels she needs to stay with him during times of trouble.

The Cold Hard Truth

A smaller number of you, about 20%, think that Ridge is showing up at Eric’s door and grilling him about his marriage because he doesn’t have a life. His marriage to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) on The Bold and the Beautiful is secure. His children have their own dramas. Ridge simply doesn’t have enough to do so, he’s going to tell Eric what he should do with his life.

Great Minds

The rest of you, less than 6%, quip that Ridge is just upset he didn’t think of something like this himself! Imagine all the years of anguish Ridge went through as he was torn between Brooke and Taylor (Hunter Tylo). If Ridge had floated the idea of an open marriage to the two women in his life, he could have had a similar arrangement to the one Quinn has!

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