Why Didn’t Taylor Hayes Stop Her Bold and the Beautiful Wedding?

Taylor Hayes wanted Ridge to say ‘I do’ — not ‘I can’t.’

Why Didn't Taylor Hayes Stop Her Bold and the Beautiful Wedding?

The truth most often always comes out on soap operas. That’s what Ridge Forrester found as he was about to remarry the love of his life, world-renowned psychiatrist Taylor Hayes on The Bold and the Beautiful. The “I do’s” weren’t finalized as the couple’s daughter Steffy Forrester Finnegan refused to hold her peace!

Bold and the Beautiful Polling: Taylor Hayes Chose to Stay Silent

Why didn’t Taylor speak up that Brooke Logan was innocent of calling Child Protective Services on Thomas Forrester as she also had the same information that Steffy did? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans. Read on for the results.

B&B: Mrs. Ridge Forrester

Most of you, about 76%, feel that Taylor didn’t speak up because she felt if she did then, Ridge would have called the whole thing off and made a beeline over to Brooke’s, which is exactly what happened. Instead of taking Ridge aside and informing him of Thomas’s role in Ridge deciding to end his life with Brooke, Taylor just held her breath and hoped that she could finally be Ridge’s wife again. Poor Taylor.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes – A Doctor in Shock

Oh, come on! That’s how about 14% of Bold and the Beautiful fans feel. Taylor only found out minutes before she walked down the aisle that Ridge’s decision was made on a false assumption. Ridge swore to her up and down repeatedly that he loved Taylor. It shouldn’t be a crime that Taylor went ahead and believed that. Alas, she should not have.

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A Mother’s Love

The rest of you, 10%, say that Taylor stayed quiet to protect Thomas. She knew that Ridge would be furious at his son if he found out that he had interfered in his father’s happiness. This may or may not have been the reason Taylor stayed quiet. But there’s no denying that Ridge is now livid at his son for helping destroy his marriage to Brooke!

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