When Is Thomas Forrester at His Bold and the Beautiful Best?

Fans are doubting whether Thomas is all good or all bad.

Bold and the Beautiful Thomas Forrester

There’s no denying that Matthew Atkinson delivers the goods as Thomas Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful no matter what the story calls for. When he’s good, he’s good, and when he’s bad, he’s even better.

Bold and the Beautiful Bad Boy

Soap Hub asked B&B fans to weigh in on how they like their Thomas to behave. Find out if your opinion falls into the majority or the minority.

B&B: Shades of Gray

The majority of you, about 64%, say that you enjoy Thomas when he’s both good and bad. One minute, he can be horsing around with this son, taking him to Forrester Creations to see where Daddy works. The next, he’s towering over Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri), giving the poor kid a sense of déjà vu. “Hey, son, remember when I told you not to blab about Baby Beth being alive and you did anyway? Now’s your chance to make up for that!” Okay, Thomas hasn’t said exactly that to his son but you get the idea.

Bad to the Bold and the Beautiful Bone

Many of you, 23%, say that you prefer seeing Thomas be bad. Atkinson shines when Thomas trades barbs with ex-stepmother Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) or when he’s trying to mess with rival Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) over Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle). Soaps need antagonist characters and Thomas Forrester, as we’ve seen, is among the baddest.

Love in the Afternoon

The rest of you, 13%, say that Thomas is at his best when he’s playing the romantic lead. The dude is tall, dark, and handsome. Sure, Liam can see right through him, but the ladies — even Liam’s wife Hope — find the man attractive. Did we mention he’s rich, too? If Thomas can stop being so manipulative, he can emerge as B&B’s leading man. Will he? Stay tuned.

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