Should The Bold and the Beautiful Address Douglas Dismissing Liam?

The young Forrester may need to be set straight on how to treat people.

Douglas Liam The Bold and the Beautiful

Little Douglas Forrester is a bit torn on The Bold and the Beautiful. He loves being back with his dad, Thomas Forrester, and loves that the woman he considers his mom, Hope Logan Spencer, is spending more time with them as a family. But what about Hope’s husband, Liam Spencer?

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) has been pretty honest with Liam (Scott Clifton) that he misses Beth and living in the cabin, but he considers the Forresters to be his real family, so sorry Liam, you’re not number one or even number two in Douglas’ eyes. Heck, Liam is probably not even number four. In fact, Douglas has been downright dismissive of Liam of late, but is it right when Liam had been helping raise him?

Douglas Should Tone It Down

A full 73% of fans are shocked at the way that Douglas has been treating Liam. He insulted him to his face when he called Hope (Annika Noelle) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) his real family. He walked right by Liam and ignored his presence so he could give big hugs to Hope and Thomas. When Liam tried to approach Douglas, Liam didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

That’s why a large majority of you think someone should talk to Douglas before he gets worse. He should at least acknowledge that Liam has been there for him

Don’t Expect Much From Hope

Another 14% of you think that perhaps Douglas needs a little talk and it should come from Hope, but you don’t expect Hope to actually do it. Hope spends her time in a fantasy world trying to avoid confrontation while believing all her actions are correct.

She probably doesn’t see Douglas’ behavior as a long-term issue and is willing to let it go so she can go on pretending there is no issue here.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Leave Douglas Alone

The final 13% of you think Douglas is just a kid with two families and it’s normal and natural for kids to choose favorites and then change their minds again.

Douglas has spent a long time living with Hope and Liam while asking to see his dad more. Now that he finally has what he has been asking for, the sun and the moon set on Thomas, but that can switch at any moment. That’s why you’re willing to let Douglas be Douglas for now.

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