Should Brooke Logan Take Ridge Back on Bold and the Beautiful?

If he’s sorry he ever doubted her, should she take Ridge back?

Brooke Logan

Brooke Logan understands that we all make mistakes in life but her ex-husband Ridge Forrester has made a colossal boo-boo on The Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge not only dumped Brooke without having all the facts but he made a beeline to the altar with ex-wife Taylor Hayes.

Brooke Logan — B&B’s Premiere Heroine

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been victimized by Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). The cad set his stepmother up to lose her destiny by making his father Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) believe that Brooke had betrayed him by calling Child Protective Services. Should Brooke take Ridge back as the truth is coming out? Soap Hub posed this query to B&B fans.

Hit the Road, Ridge Forrester

Most of you, about 55%, say that no, Brooke should not take Ridge back, destiny be damned. Ridge didn’t even care enough about Brooke to have open communication with her. He not only walked out on her but walked toward his ex. This may fly in the face of reason for some devoted ‘Bridge’ fans but you don’t want Ridge to get a pass on this.

Brooke Logan: On Your Knees, Ridge

Many of you, 30%, say that yes, Brooke should give Ridge another chance and let him back into her life. Why should she lose out on what she wants because Ridge acted in haste? You feel that Ridge is going to have to make it up to Brooke with lots of gifts. He can start with flowers, throw in some chocolate, and bestow upon his love a cushy corner office at Forrester with some stock options. Make him beg, Brooke!

No Questions Asked

The rest of you, 15%, say that Ridge and Brooke don’t need to say anything to each other. A simple “Logan, I’m sorry” is all Ridge has to say. Go for the close-up on Brooke’s tear-filled eyes. Throw in some rose petals. Cue “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole, and the rest is history. Or, rather, destiny.

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