Should B&B’s Hope Logan Give Love A Try With Thomas?

Hope Logan is happy to finally have a man who loves her and only her.

thomas forrester and hope logan on the bold and the beautiful.Will Hope Logan try to love Thomas?

Hope Logan has ended her latest marriage to Liam Spencer after years of him cheating and waffling back and forth between her and Steffy. She also walked right into Thomas’ waiting arms after first kissing him in Rome.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Yes, it was Hope (Annika Noelle) who made the first move on Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) after months of steamy fantasies about a man she swore she’d never be with, but she also had valid reasons to finally free herself of Liam (Scott Clifton). At the moment, she claims she doesn’t love Thomas and only wants a friends-with-benefits arrangement with him, but should she just give in and see if things can go further?

No Strings Attached For Hope Logan

About 18% of you think that Hope may never love Thomas, but have no problem with their current sexual relationship. Hope is experiencing a sexual awakening with Thomas, something she never seemed to achieve with Liam and you are here for it. She deserves to have some fun and be happy for the first time in her life. She has been open and honest with Thomas that she is not sure if she can ever love him and he says he can handle that, so why can’t Hope just enjoy herself?

End It Now, Hope

Not only do 31% of you think Hope should not let go and love Thomas, but you also feel she needs to stay as far away from him as possible given their history. After all, Thomas hurt Hope in the worst way possible when he didn’t tell her Beth was really alive. That is unforgivable and you wonder if Hope has lost her head. Yes, Thomas is in therapy and proves every day that he is a changed man. That still doesn’t mean you believe Hope should have a full-blown love affair with him.

‘Thope’ For The Win

The final 51% of you think that Hope and Thomas are wonderful together and are waiting with bated breath for Hope to admit that she really does love him. You get that Hope is coming off a bad marriage in which she was deeply hurt for years so she might not be ready at the moment. You just know that deep down inside she is in love with Thomas but just can’t admit it yet.

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