Is Hope Logan Spencer Headed For A Pill Addiction On Bold and the Beautiful?

She’s struggled with this before in Los Angeles on B&B.

hope logan spencer struggles with a lot of stress on bold and the beautiful.Hope Logan Spencer could struggle with pills again.

Hope Logan Spencer is having a rough time of it on The Bold and the Beautiful. She finally found a way to make sure her fashion line doesn’t go down the tubes, but that involved hiring Thomas back as her lead designer and upsetting the delicate sensibilities of her husband, Liam, but that is not the only thing going wrong in Hope’s life.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

While Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) seems all business with Hope (Annika Noelle) these days, Hope’s mind is not all business at all, and that is torturing her. She keeps thinking about kissing Thomas and even imagined that Liam (Scott Clifton) was Thomas when they were making love for the first time in months. These things leave Hope distraught considering that she thinks of herself as so pure and perfect. Hope’s insistence on being pure and perfect led her down a pill path once before. Will it do the same again?

Hope Logan Spencer Won’t Do That Again

That was a brief moment in time we practically forgot about, say 25% of you who do not see Hope picking up her brief pill habit again. She has matured and has better coping skills now. This time, she would also recognize what is happening to her and put a stop to things before it’s too late. No, you are not worried about Hope and pills at all.

Rehab Is In Hope’s B&B Future

Another 36% of you think that a pill-popping life is exactly what Hope is headed toward. Between Douglas leaving for a few weeks, Liam’s anger, and her disappointment with herself it will all become too much, and Hope will seek solace in a bottle of pills. She is already crumbling and lashing out at people like her mother. She needs to calm down and knows it — and she also knows pills can help her do that.

Hope Logan Spencer Bold and the Beautiful: Blame It On Pills

The final 39% of you are not sure if Hope will become addicted to pills again, but if she does, that gives the perfect excuse to do exactly what she wants to do — and that is cheat on Liam with Thomas. She can’t allow anyone to think she would cheat on her own, so she can let loose and blame it on the pills. Would Liam ever forgive her? Well, that would be another poll question.

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