Is Finn Finnegan Right That Liam Spencer is at Fault on B&B?

Finn keeps saying it’s all Liam Spencer’s fault.

finn finnegan blames liam spencer for his problems on the bold and the beautiful.Finn Finnegan and Liam Spencer are at odds on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Finn Finnegan on The Bold and the Beautiful knows he hasn’t played the whole Sheila situation properly. However, he’s also aware that Liam Spencer has been stirring the pot, driving a wedge between him and Steffy whenever he can.

Finn Finnegan: My Enemy, Myself

Is Finn (Tanner Novlan) right to hold Liam (Scott Clifton) accountable for all his marital problems? Or, as usual, does the truth lie somewhere in the middle? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans.

Mind Your Own Business, You Little Puke

Some of you, about 14%, say that Liam is at fault. He’s definitely looking to come between Steffy and Finn, whether he admits it or not. He showed Steffy the video of Finn embracing Sheila. Sure, Liam has a right to be concerned about Kelly’s welfare. Finn dropped the beach ball on that one. But let’s not forget Liam has kissed Steffy twice — first in Rome and then at her home. Liam needs to back off and remember that Steffy is a married woman.

Finn Finnegan Dropped the Beach Ball

Many of you, 32%, say that Finn’s at fault. Liam can go in for all the impulsive kisses that he wants to (well, he shouldn’t actually), but he can’t cause problems in Steffy and Finn’s marriage if Finn hadn’t laid the groundwork. Finn! Don’t hug Sheila and keep an eye on Kelly (Sophia Paras McKinlay), especially at the beach when she could easily be swept out to sea. Stop giving Liam ammunition.

B&B: You’ve Got to Give a Little

The rest of you, about 54%, say that both men are to blame. Liam is putting the moves on a married lady. That’s wrong. Finn wasn’t thinking (but he’s already apologized for this). And let’s not leave Steffy out of this equation. Yes, she’s going through a lot, but she should tell Liam to stop kissing her. She also needs to come clean with Finn and let him know that Liam has been a kissing bandit.

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