Other Than Ridge, Who Was Brooke’s Big Love on Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful Brooke LoganThe Bold and the Beautiful Brooke Logan

We all know that Ridge Forrester is Brooke Logan’s destiny and vice-versa on The Bold and the Beautiful. Over the decades, she’s had other lovers, husbands, and boyfriends. Many of them have given the unforgettable duo known as Bridge a run for its money.

The Bold and the Beautiful – Brooke’s Loves

Which man was Brooke’s biggest love after Ridge? Soap Hub asked B&B viewers to weigh in on this. Read on for the results to see if your choice matches up with the majority or the minority of fans who responded. Note: Brooke’s had other loves — Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), Dave Reed (Stephen Shortridge), and James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) — but for this poll, we’ve selected the men who’ll appear in the show’s special Brooke-centric 35th-anniversary show.

The Stallion Comes In Second

After Ridge, the man you think is Brooke’s big love is Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). About 45% of you say the media mogul, who swept Brooke off her feet, is her next greatest love. Bill found Brooke so attractive he jeopardized his own happy marriage to Katie (Heather Tom), Brooke’s sister, on more than a few occasions. As Katie and Bill have yet to reunite, it’s always possible Brooke and Bill more easily will reconnect.

The Bold and the Beautiful – Always Eric

Eric Forrester (John McCook) came in next with about 38% of your vote. Brooke wed Eric not just once but twice. Each time, however, she thought Ridge was unavailable to her. Eric was never going to be first in Brooke’s life. On the day of their first wedding, Brooke dreamed that Ridge burst in and demanded she run off with him. In her fantasy, Brooke accepted!

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The Shady Marlin

Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) came in third with about 14% of your vote. Nick might have stood a long-term chance with Brooke, but his initial appeal wore off after Nick started to enter the fashion and business worlds. Brooke thought if he was going to act like Ridge she may as well had had the real deal.

Thorne Made His Mark

Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon) and Brooke had a passionate relationship, but it was short-lived. It was over once Thorne overheard Brooke say Ridge would always be first. Still, about 3% of you believe that Brooke saw Thorne as a viable choice if Ridge weren’t around.

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