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Kiara Barnes Talks Zoe’s B&B Exit, Fantasy Island, and Smoothie-Gate

Carter, Quinn, and Zoe - Kiara Barnes on The Bold and the Beautiful

These days, Kiara Barnes is soaking up rays as the rejuvenated Ruby on Fantasy Island, where dreams come true for visitors to the enchanted getaway. But, alas, Zoe Buckingham, Barnes’s character on The Bold and the Beautiful, did not get her happy ending by marrying Carter Walton.

Kiara Barnes’s Unfinished Business on The Bold and the Beautiful

Zoe bolted from Los Angeles to Paris after finding out that Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) was having a fling with her “supporter” Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer). How did Barnes feel about Zoe not being present for the showdown in which Carter and Quinn’s fling was exposed? “I’m actually really happy with the way we ended it,” Kiara Barnes tells Soap Hub.

“I think it needed to all land more on Lawrence’s character and Rena’s character — they’re the ones who got into trouble,” Barnes points out. It was better for the fans to see their reactions. Where is [Carter and Quinn’s] dynamic going to go? I like how the ending worked out.”

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Kiara Barnes, who talked to Soap Hub last week about Fantasy Island, is also appreciative of her former B&B boss Bradley Bell, the show’s executive producer/head writer, for working with the Fantasy Island folks to accommodate her filming schedule. “Brad is so supportive of his actors,” the actress says. “He was willing to make the schedule work.”

Never Forget — Smoothie-gate!

Actors have come and gone from B&B over the years. It’s not unheard of for a performer to return to play out unresolved stories. Time will tell if Zoe ever returns to confront Carter and Quinn. Plus, there’s also the dangling story that we’re going to call “Smoothie-gate” — Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) still doesn’t know her sister spiked her smoothie with a laxative to spoil her date with Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz). “Oh, my gosh,” laughs Kiara Barnes when reminded of the trick Zoe played on her sibling. “Yeah, Zoe was just feeling it that day. She did have a change of heart quickly after. But that is really funny — ‘Smoothie-gate!'”

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