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Did Thomas Have A Hand In Caroline’s Death On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Matthew Atkinson The Bold and the BeautifulMatthew Atkinson The Bold and the Beautiful

She had the most tragic of all soap opera deaths in that it occurred (gasp!) off-screen! But is there more to Caroline’s passing on The Bold And The Beautiful than meets the eye?

No sooner had a mournful Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) returned to Los Angeles than he set his eyes on ex-flame Hope (Annika Noelle), hoping to make her his bride. Given how far we’ve seen him go in this quest, we have to wonder what really happened?

Did Thomas have anything to do with the “blood clot” that killed the mother of his son, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri)? Soap Hub asked BB fans to weigh in on whether or not this potential shocking backstory could be true or not.

Killer Moves
Well, it’s clear from the results that most of you, almost 84%, believe that yes, Thomas could have played a hand in Caroline’s (Linsey Godrey, now Sarah on Days Of Our Lives) passing.

We’re not sure how a person can be made to have a blood clot, but if there is a way, then it’s possible Thomas’ diabolical plan started off-screen! This development, if it is proven to be true, brings the body count in this tale to two! (RIP, Emma!)

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Doubting Thomas
The rest of you, a little over 16%, doubt (pun intended!) that Thomas could be this diabolical! Plus, this would be quite a plot on chance.

He and Caroline were raising Douglas together and there had been love in their relationship before so, there was no great motivation for Thomas to end all that and roll the dice back in Los Angeles hoping he could successfully split Hope and Liam (Scott Clifton) apart.

Sweet Caroline
Caroline’s mothers, Karen (Joanna Johnson) and Dani (Crystal Chappell), albeit off-camera, attended the memorial for Caroline, but if we didn’t know better it’s not inconceivable that Thomas’ lies could have started when he came home and told everyone that she had died.

Maybe he’s got Caroline hidden somewhere and she’s not even really gone? Eventually, Thomas is going to have to pay for his lies and crimes. Will he survive all this? Stay tuned to find out! The Bold And The Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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