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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton plays Liam as an understanding mate on The Bold and the Beautiful.

scott clifton plays an understanding husband on bold and the beautiful.

The ongoing triangle with Liam (Scott Clifton), his wife Hope, and Thomas, the man who hopes to have Hope in his future kicked back into high gear on The Bold and the Beautiful. Arguably, Clifton plays on TV a husband who has said “I told you so” more than Ricky Ricardo.

Scott Clifton – Performer of the Week

Seriously, there’s nothing funny about Hope putting herself in a tenuous situation with a man who has done a lot of meddling in Liam and Hope’s relationship. Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) lied to Hope (Annika Noelle) about her baby, Beth, being alive. However, in scenes with TV brother Darin Brooks (Wyatt), Clifton taps into his comedic side with wry quips about the situation. These two bring a convincing brotherly connection to their roles due in no small apart to their ability to banter like some real siblings do.

However, when Liam dropped by Forrester Creations to visit Hope there wasn’t any laughing going on. Liam came upon Hope and Thomas in an awkward (at best) and intimate (at worst) position after she accidentally on purpose fell into his arms while modeling a dress.

“Get your hands off my wife!” Liam ordered Thomas — as if Thomas was a dog that had gotten on a sofa for the zillionth time. Hope and Thomas tried to explain it was all an accident but Liam wasn’t interested in hearing yet another explanation or excuse.

He didn’t care that Thomas’s name is on the side of the building. Liam only saw that Thomas had his hands on his wife. “I don’t care. Get the hell out!” Liam demanded.

“I can’t do this anymore…I don’t deserve to come in here and see you on the couch with your hands on each other…how much more am I expected to take, Hope?” an exasperated Liam asked his wife.

“Do you really not understand how that looked?” Liam queried his wife after she explained the innocent circumstances that led to Thomas touching her. Hope held her ground in this face-off against her husband hinting at other instances in which she put up with Liam’s actions.

Scott shifted Clifton’s anger a bit to point out that the next time might not be so innocent. Next, Liam played the “Thomas knew Beth was alive” card. (That’s always a painful memory but a good one to have up his sleeve.) Hope, however, insisted that Thomas has changed and if she reverts (again) well, then, yes, he’s gone.

When asked by his wife why he doesn’t believe her, Liam sadly informed his wife it’s because “you keep finding new reasons to invite him into your life. Why do you do that? Why do you do that?”

Unable to convince Hope to leave with him, Liam exited by himself. They reconnected at home in more peaceful surroundings. Hope had poured some wine, lit candles, and sent Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) and Beth to a sleepover. She was hoping to reconnect with her husband.

Clifton proceeded to remind viewers why Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope fought over Liam for so long. Liam is a good guy. He’s long-term husband material. Liam thanked Hope when she silenced her phone (from an incoming call from Thomas no less!) and did what was important to her — she put her husband first.

It’s clear that Hope has an attraction to Thomas that she may not even be willing to admit to herself quite yet. However, the Forrester heir is going to have a tough time winning her away from Liam if indeed that’s his goal. While Scott Clifton can bring his character to anger when the situation calls for it, Liam is ultimately the kind of guy who’s a lover — not a fighter.

Honorable mention: Annika Noelle matched Scott Clifton in their scenes together boldly and beautifully as they battled about Thomas. The story only works if Hope truly believes on some level that Thomas has changed. We don’t see Hope and Liam ever hitting Eric and Stephanie Forrester levels in marital spats — they love each other too much. But there’s still plenty of fire in their scenes together!

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