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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown plays Sheila always in control on Bold and the Beautiful.

Kimberlin Brown The Bold and the Beautiful Performer of the WeekKimberlin Brown

Sheila Carter looks much better in dark power outfits than prison organ jumpsuits, that’s for sure. Her portrayer, Kimberlin Brown, is shining as Sheila as she is flaunting her newfound freedom in the faces of her detractors. Soap Hub is giving Brown Performer of the Week for B&B honors for her recent work.

Kimberlin Brown – Performer of the Week

Sheila knows when she’s in the power position on Bold and the Beautiful. Thanks to Bill (Don Diamont), she’s no longer in jeopardy of going off to prison. Naturally, Sheila’s victims — Taylor, Steffy, Finn…oh, heck just go down the show’s cast list — are on guard now that the naughty nurse is free to walk into their offices and proclaim they have nothing to fear from her.

Sheila has more than her freedom on her side. She’s got the knowledge that Taylor (Krista Allen) shot Bill years ago after she believed that he had molested Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Kimberlin Brown takes that bit of crucial backstory and uses it to infuse her performances in which Sheila has the audacity to compare herself to Taylor.

“I understand why you may harbor ill feelings towards me,” Sheila calmly told Taylor as if they’d have a disagreement over something. Taylor, in fact, sees Sheila as a sociopath — but Brown’s Sheila simply shrugs off such a description. After Taylor recounted Sheila shooting not only her years ago but also Finn (Tanner Novlan) and Steffy, Sheila pointed out, “Yeah, you put a bullet in Bill.”

Sheila didn’t want to discuss motivations but simply to let Taylor know that she wasn’t there to harm her or anyone else in “our family.” Yep, that was a biting reminder that Sheila and Taylor are in-laws given that Sheila’s son and Taylor’s daughter are husband and wife. “I’m not going to hurt anyone,” Sheila said. What’s eerie is that we believe that Sheila believes this but she can so easily turn on a dime, whip out a gun, and start shooting.

Sheila drove her point home by reminding Taylor that she also saved her life by pulling her back to safety after the good doctor nearly fell off the hospital roof. “I’m a part of Bill’s life, Kelly’s grandfather’s, which means I’m a part of your life, too,” Sheila creepily informed Taylor.

When Taylor told Sheila she’d never forgive her, Kimberlin Brown made the choice to have Sheila let out not a snarl or threat but a quiet, maniacal laugh — as if to indicate Sheila knows something Taylor doesn’t. Clearly, Brown doesn’t need Sheila to be holding a gun to show that she’s in a power position. The actress has always played Sheila as unpredictable and dangerous. That’s why she’s so compelling to watch.

Sheila wasn’t done making the rounds. Her next visit was to see Katie (Heather Tom) at Forrester Creations. Sheila attempted to make inroads with Katie, the mother of Will, Bill’s son, but Katie drew a line in the sand. Just as she had with Taylor, Sheila used Katie’s past against her.

“All right, is that what we’re going to do?” Sheila asked Katie when she threw in Sheila’s face she didn’t have Bill’s ring on her finger. What transpired next was a game of verbal Wimbledon-level tennis between the two women. (Kudos to script writer Tracey Ann Kelly for such sharp dialogue.) Katie reminded Sheila that the only thing keeping her out of prison was Bill and she could have him back in seconds. Sheila laughed in Katie’s face. She reminded her that she abandoned Bill.

“We both know the Logan sister that he would really prefer and it would be Brooke,” Sheila snarked at Katie. (Ouch!) We saw on Katie’s face that Sheila had a point. “Poor Katie. Always second best. Always living in your sister’s shadow.” (Double ouch!)

Sheila went on to make digs at Katie — telling her men never like her for very long and that she is frail because of her (transplanted) heart. When Katie said, “We’ll see about that,” Kimberlin Brown made the same effective choice she did to end her encounter with Taylor — she let out a laugh.

It’s odd that Sheila has found it necessary to whip out a gun to try to prove her point in the past. Kimberlin Brown brings such an unnerving confidence to her character that Sheila most often appears to be in control. Brava!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. For an in-depth look at the show’s history, click here.

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