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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Heather Tom

Bold and the Beautiful Heather Tom was a powerhouse in her recent performances.

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Katie Logan, played by six-time Daytime Emmy winner Heather Tom, put aside her romantic passion for ex-husband Bill Spencer on Bold and the Beautiful but that didn’t stop her from letting loose of her anger towards Sheila Carter. For giving a tour-de-force in B&B’s biggest mystery, Soap Hub bestows Performer of the Week honors upon Tom.

Heather Tom – Performer of the Week

Once Katie (Heather Tom) got up to speed on Bill being Sheila’s champion and protector, she hightailed it over to her former residence and confronted both her ex-husband and his current squeeze, hoping to convince the media mogul to cancel his subscription to Sheila’s newsletter.

Katie can’t bring herself to go back to being Bill’s wife — his passion for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) will always be there whether Bill admits it or not. But that doesn’t stop Katie from genuinely caring about Bill. Sure, she wants to get Sheila off the streets but Katie’s more concerned about Bill sharing his sheets with the psychotic shooter.

Katie started out her conversation with Bill both apprehensive and hopeful. “Sheila Carter? Bill, you know all the horrific things she’s done! How can you defend her?” Katie queried. It didn’t take long for Tom to raise Katie’s intensity over Bill’s strange relationship with Sheila. We could hear it in her voice and we saw her eyes fill with tears. Katie tried every which way to get Bill to see the light. She said she understood Bill feeling depressed, something she could relate to given her bout with postpartum depression.

Heather Tom played Katie as if she was watching Bill drown and she was helpless to find a life preserver to throw his way. After Sheila entered the room, Katie kept her focus on Bill. “You have to get her out of your life,” Katie insisted. The drama continued into the next episode, picking up directly from the previous one.

Katie tried to point out that Sheila nearly left Bill Spencer’s granddaughter Kelly motherless after she shot Steffy. Katie asked Bill to think of their son Will. “We need you to stand up and protect us,” Katie implored Bill. Alas, her words fell on deaf ears. But that didn’t mean Katie was going to retreat.

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Tom put her hands on her hips as Katie shot figurative daggers at Sheila and read her for filth. “The only future you have is behind bars,” Katie declared. “They will lock you up for shooting Steffy [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] and Finn [Tanner Novlan] and they will lock you up for almost killing Li [Naomi Matsuda]. And they will lock you up for escaping from prison. You will finally pay for all of your crimes.”

Sheila tried to point out that Katie only gave a damn about Bill now that he’s moved on with his life. This prompted Katie to shoot Sheila a look that was reminiscent of the dismissive, dirty glares that Stephanie Forrester gave Brooke during their antagonistic days. “He is the father of my son,” Katie snarked at Sheila. “We are family. I will always give a damn.”

Sheila may have cast a spell over Bill but her words make no impact on Katie. “Our marriage was built on love. That’s something you’ll never know,” Katie gleefully informed Sheila. Katie kept pleading with Bill, imploring him to remember the happy times they spent together. Katie told Bill that Sheila was using him. Alas, Bill Spencer isn’t ready to hear what Katie has to say. “What’s happened to you?” a defeated Katie rhetorically asked. For now, that question remains unanswered. There is, however, no question as to Heather Tom and her ability to deliver powerful performances.

Honorable mention: Wyatt Spencer is just as involved as everyone else in Bill’s welfare now that he’s allied himself with Sheila. However, Wyatt’s portrayer, Darin Brooks, brings something unique to the show as the amicable actor is able to effectively inject some much-appreciated wry comedy into his performances and to this storyline. The actor does this without ignoring how dramatic the situation between Bill and Sheila is.

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